This year there has been a rain of stars in Spain by the Michelin Guide. Dozens of restaurants have been awarded with a new star.

Spain’s gastronomy is booming again following the heritage of the world famous restaurant El Bulli closed in 2011.

Northern Spain has one of the biggest concentration of Michelin star restaurants per capita in the world and many of them are placed at idyllic settings in the countryside or by the sea.

If you think that fine dining is not your thing, you may reconsider it after you visit some of Northern Spain’s best restaurants hidden in the back roads of this region.

Enjoy a sneak peek video of the three best restaurants in the region, each one awarded with two Michelin stars, powerhouses of creativity and inspiration. These restaurants are what you find when you get lost in Northern Spain, the kind of places where you would stop for an accidental lunch and tuck into the meal of your life.

Welcome to Annua, El Cenador de Amós y Casa Marcial: 6 Michelin Stars worth building a holiday around.

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