Glance at Galicia on a map, high in a northern corner of Spain, and you will see a ragged chunk of Spain’s west coast, above the Portuguese border, stopping just shy of Santiago de Compostela.

Galicia’s most precious treasure are the Rias Baixas, the term for the five estuaries that probe their way inland from west to east like crooked fingers. Their cool waters are home to Spain’s best shellfish – mussels, clams, octopus and scallops.

You will enjoy a feast for your senses at an impressive Michelin-starred restaurant, El Culler de Pau, where local food is served with care, passion and imagination overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

But just before indulging yourself into a delicious culinary experience you will enjoy a boat trip to the Cíes islands, a series of islands which shelter the Rías Baixas. The magical Cíes islands are home to the prettiest beaches you’ve ever heard of. While the rest of Europe head south, stay ahead of the wave and enjoy this natural paradise in Northern Spain. Discover more with THIS article of THE TIMES.

As the day comes to an end you will stay in a Galician “Pazo”, a traditional Manor House now beautifully converted into a cosy authentic hotel. You will sleep in a piece of history where kings and nobility used to live surrounded by lush green gardens in the middle of the countryside of this amazing region.

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