pinchos tour santander

Brush shoulders with the locals during tapas & pinchos bar crawls and enjoy the best local bites 

santander northern spain aerial view

Be amazed by the beauty of the most elegant coastal city in Spain

fish market santiago de compostela

Feel the freshness of the Spanish produce during an early-morning visit to the Central Farmers' market

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Santander, the capital of the Cantabria region, is Northern Spain’s most elegant city. Our visit digs below its surface beauty, to unearth a vibrancy and flavour that few visitors get to experience.

Together we will take an early-morning culinary tour of Santander's central farmers’ market where colours and aromas combine to create an intoxicating gastronomic experience. Here you will find only the most succulent fruit and vegetables, freshest seafood, cheeses and meats from local producers. This is slow-food taken to the next level.

After a visit to this lively market, you will enjoy an afternoon of gathering with your friends or family to eat, drink and be merry, a fundamental part of the fabric of social life in Spain. “Pinchos” line every bar in town, but knowing where to find the best ones is an art that needs local knowledge. Without a passionate foodie local with you, you would choose bars at random and pointed to what you would see on the counter, but often the “specials” aren’t on display.

In Santander, Spanish “Tapas” are served in the form of “Pinchos”. Do you know the difference between “Pinchos” & “Tapas”? They are both part of Spanish small food culture and while “Tapas” are small portions of food to share, “Pinchos” are bite-size food masterpieces often served on a slice of bread and have a cocktail stick in them, a delicious Spanish version of finger food.

The cherry on the cake to an unforgettable day in this stunning city is a visit to the cultural exhibition “Botín Centre”, an architectural masterpiece overlooking Santander’s Bay where you can enjoy spectacular views over the city.

After that we will explore Santander by foot, by boat, or we will just simply relax on an unspoilt beach before retiring to your luxury hotel, that’s your choice.

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    What’s included? Everything you need. Plus everything you'd
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    ​In a word: everything. In eighty words? A private chauffeur tour guided by an interesting, fun and like-minded travel companion; authentic and innovative local cuisine; world-class local hotels; all the endorphins you can handle; new insight; a feeling of total freedom. In short: an extraordinary, hassle-free journey of discovery. Travel at your own pace: Our tailor-made holidays are very flexible, allowing you to start road journeys or sightseeing when you choose – within reason.
  • All experiences, visits and meals as indicated in the itinerary.
  • Private transportation from  hotel pickup to drop-off in an air-conditioned brand-new vehicle. Your safety and comfort are paramount. You will enjoy touring Northern Spain in safety, comfort and style.
  • Cold drinks and snacks during sightseeing/excursions and other drives
  • Guiding & Translator services and assistance during the full day tour. We will break the language barrier for you so you can get the most out of your experiences during your trip.
  • All baggage transportation. 
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  • What to expect

    • A laid-back pace with free time to relax
    • Plenty of scrumptious local food and wine as well as time to really appreciate the dining experience