Day 1

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Upon arrival at Santiago de Compostela's airport , you will be welcomed by your guide and escorted to the world’s oldest hotel. Situated in Santiago de Compostela's main square, in front of the Cathedral,  this 15th-century hotel will wrap you in opulent luxury. 

Enjoy a welcome dinner at the hotel signature restaurant “Restaurante dos Reis” in a historic space housed in what was once the stables for the Royal Hospital, where you will sample traditional Galician cuisine in a unique atmosphere. 

Day 2

Exclusive Eat Northern Spain experiences:

  • An early morning visit to Santiago de Compostela's lively farmers' market to discover local delicacies
  • A Michelin-starred lunch with a selection of some of the best local food
steak tartare casa marcelo santiago compostela
  • A tour inside Santiago de Compostela's impressive Gothic Cathedral
santiago de compostela cathedral galicia

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After sumptuous breakfast with breath-taking views of Santiago de Compostela's Gothic Cathedral, you will experience an early morning culinary tour of the central farmers' market where colours and aromas combine to create an intoxicating gastronomic experience.

There you will find only the most succulent fruit and vegetables, freshest seafood, Galician octopus and the world famous dry-aged Galician Blond Beef.

Your morning will continue with a tour inside Santiago's world famous Gothic Cathedral, and the culmination of the Camino de Santiago for hundreds of pilgrims who arrive every day to hug Apostle Santiago. You may attend mass if you wish where you could enjoy the swinging of the Botafumeiro, a beautiful display during the Pilgrims' mass.

For lunch,  you will experience a unique and highly personal dining experience that takes you behind the scenes. Taking your seat in the Chef’s kitchen, you’ll relish this Michelin-starred culinary treat. Enjoy a conversation with your Chef as he prepares and cooks your tailored tasting menu in an open kitchen in front of you.

After lunch, you will enjoy the rest of the evening at your own leisure, with some time to relax at your hotel or enjoy the beautiful historic centre on your own.

Days 3 & 4

Exclusive Eat Northern Spain experiences:

  • Sleep in a lighthouse at the "End of the World" , Galicia's westernmost point.
finisterre lighthouse
  • Discover some of the most beautiful beaches in Spain
  • Enjoy a hike to Ezaro's waterfall, an impressive nature spectacle

After a sumptuous breakfast, today you will will start a trip "From Santiago to the end of the world!" Traditionally, pilgrims used to finish their Camino journey in Cape Fisterra, Galicia's westernmost point, where they burned their clothes and admired the sun setting over the Atlantic Ocean. If you rather get to the end of the world in comfort, this will be the perfect Finisterre  trip for you (Fisterra in Galician).

Have you ever slept in a lighthouse at the end of the world? This could be your change to do it in a hotel perched on the cliffs of the Finisterre's coastal cape. This will be your home for two nights and it will be just for yourself.

There is no more iconic place in the Coast of Death Cape Finisterre, considered the end of the END OF THE WORLD. Built in 1853, 138 meters above sea level.

For thousands of years it was thought that beyond him there was only an aqueous chasm in which the sun turned off every night and through which came to a region of darkness inhabited by sea monsters.

This lighthouse is known by all sailors in the world, because of its importance as a means of proximity warning of an extremely dangerous coast (its light reaches 65 km long) and the treacherous reputation of this area marítima. Due to the usual fog of time, in 1888 an annex to the lighthouse building, the siren, which is popularly known as “a cow Fisterra” to warn mariners of the dangers facing them was built.

Since 1999 and after a very successful reform in 2016, the former headquarters of monitoring marine, the semaphore has become our little paradise, a delicatessen hotel and restaurant Boutique Hotel O SEMAFORO, in the Faro de Finisterre. It has five exclusive rooms, an excellent restaurant, a charming café, a terrace overlooking endless and several rooms and exclusive corners to miss at the End of the World. The incredible views and sunsets, compete with wild storms and large waves days, foggy days in which the siren sounds hard Lighthouse, cow, that drags us to the past of legends …

During these two days, you will enjoy a breathtaking tour along the Costa da Morte. You will visit the most beautiful points of the Coast of Death, a region that combines breathtaking landscapes, gastronomy of the area and tours to get to know authentic fishing villages. You will visit Cape Finisterre, and the villages of Muros and Muxía, and see the waterfall in Ézaro. Along the way, you learn about the history and culture of the Galician regions.

These two days will be a combination of breathtaking landscapes, local gastronomy, authentic village life, and historical immersion. You will stop at Pontemaceira, nice village to see the Roman bridge on the river, then you will continue to Muros, an old fishing town and harbour. Its old town has been restored and the historical center has been conserved, making it a beautiful and authentic look into the past.

An imprresive visit to Ézaro will also be a highlight, located in the extreme south. The waterfall there is particularly unique, as it is among only 7 waterfalls in Europe that flow into the ocean or sea. Afterward, make your way to Cape Finisterre, a rock-bound peninsula at the end of the ancient world. Head to the local lighthouse located on the mountain of Monte Facho, and enjoy the views out over the water. You will also learn more about how shipwrecks on the rocks gave this stretch of coastline its name. You will stop for lunch in Finisterre, and then make your way to Muxía. It summarizes and combines the elements that make this area: stone and water. The granite is present, whether the rocks on which sits the venerable sanctuary of the Virgen de la Barca, or by the famous "pedra of abalar" or ”pedra dos cadrís ", remains of the ancient Galician idolatrous worship.  

Day 5,6 & 7

Exclusive Eat Northern Spain experiences:

  • Three meals at Michelin-starred restaurants
bogavante blue lobster cantabrian sea
  • A guided walk along white-sand pristine beaches for a relaxing afternoon
galician beach rias baixas
  • A boat tour to visit the "bateas" (mussel, scallop & oyster farms) with mussels & oysters tasting on board paired with local white wine

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After a reinvigorating sleep  and a home-made breakfast with breathtaking views over the Atlantic ocean you wil be transported to a spectacular paradise of pristine beaches and charming coastal villages : Rias Baixas, Spain's biggest supplier of shellfish and seafood.

During this three-day stay, your home will be a spectacular waterfront hotel & spa in a exclusive island where you can be watching fishermen bring the catch of the day to port from the comfort of your own room. 

You will be escorted to some of the most beautiful beaches in the region and you will enjoy a gastronomic journey at someone of the best restaurants in Spain as you sample world-class dishes from their tasting menus that combine local produce with tradition and innovation. You will enjoy Casa Solla, Culler de Pau, Pepe Vieira & Yayo Daporta, all four awarded with a Michelin star.

You will also enjoy a boat cruise along the estuary to learn how mussels, scallops and oysters are cultivated in farms along the coast. During the trip you will visit one of these farms called "bateas" and you will sample on board mussels & oysters paired with local white wine.

You will be escorted to visit interesting sites like: Celtic Hill-forts, Romanesque Churches, small fishing villages and of course a few winery visits to sample the exquisite Albariño wines of this region which have been scoring high rating in wine magazines like Wine Spectator. visi

You wil have plenty of time for sightseeing, relaxing on the beach or enjoying the hotel's outdoor pool & spa.

Day 8, 9, 10 & 11

Exclusive Eat Northern Spain experiences:

  • 2 Full-Days of private sailing cruise to the Cíes Islands with pristine beaches only accessible by boat
cies galician beach northern spain

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As you head south to the Portuguese border, you will find new estuaries from the southern Rías Baixas region,  and protected from the open sea by a lovely bay, stands Monterreal Peninsula, where the Parador de Baiona awaits, your home for the next three nights. The fortress offers up its walls for a stroll, or to relax and enjoy a beverage by the sea, and magical sunsets where the Cíes Islands in the distance beckon, inviting you to visit their cliffs, beaches and dunes, exploring their underwater depths and virgin trails.

Elegance is a key feature of every room of the Parador. The stately function rooms, spacious guest rooms with sea views and spectacular stone staircase that welcomes you at the entrance are just a few examples of the majesty of this medieval fortress. An intimate ambiance, exquisite décor, well-kept gardens and an idyllic landscape make this a truly unique spot. 

The Baiona Royal Yacht Club is located inside the walled area of the town, offering the opportunity for sailing or nautical tourism. You won't want to leave Baiona without walking the Monte do Boi path and the Serra da Groba mountains, without seeing the sunset from Cape Silleiro or without visiting the Virgen da Roca viewpoint.

In Baiona you will find peace and quiet, as well as an urban environment. This is the ideal destination if you are looking for a lively atmosphere on summer nights; you can enjoy a drink at terrace cafés by the sea and many popular nightspots. The regional cuisine will be a pleasure for your senses. Try the fish and seafood, they are magnificent.

Baiona is also known as Villa de la Arribada (Port of Entry), as it was the first town in Europe to learn of the discovery of America. To the south, the Rías Baixas region offers you spectacular locations, including Oia Monastery, built atop the rocks by the sea, forever gazing out at the horizon and splashed by salt water.

The fishing village of A Guarda is only a few kilometers away. It is crowned by the Celtic fortified settlement of Santa Tecla, from which you can get a view of the spectacular mouth of the Miño River, where Galicia and Portugal meet. And if you have got this far, you might even feel like heading south to Portugal's Costa Verde region, where the beaches are endless and pine woods embrace the sea.

You will enjoy two full-day private sailing cruisers from Vigo to the uninhabited Cíes Islands. Discover this wonderful natural environment, with dreamy beaches and a heavenly paradise that has become the second tourist destination with the most visitors in Galicia. Drop anchor on Cíes Islands, catch the favourable winds, walk in the nature,  feel the white sandy beaches with crystal-clear waters that let you enjoy the peace and beauty of their landscapes.

The two Cies islands, also known for their beauty as “the Islands of the gods”, are uninhabited islands that, due to their ecological, marine and terrestrial wealth, are part of the Maritime Terrestrial National Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia. Discover these amazing islands in a private sailing cruiser. Get comfortable on board and get to know the beautiful Galician coast during the 8 hours of the tour.

You will enjoy sailing along the Vigo estuary towards the Beach of Rhodes and the Island of San Martiño (South Island), a beach to which it can only be accessed by private boat. Once there, you can go on a hiking trails and immortalize with photos the incomparable beauty of the Park. An exclusive way to discover a treasure as precious as the Cíes.

Of course, food will be a highlight during your stay in the area with a selection of fish & seafood restaurants for you to enjoy.

Day 12, 13 & 14

Exclusive Eat Northern Spain experiences:

  • A Visit to the Douro valley to learn the winemaking process of this Porto wine
viña tondonia rioja
  • A farewell dinner at Portugal's best restaurant awarded with two Michelin stars with breathtaking views over the Douro river
annua gastro dish cantabria spain

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Turn your clocks back one hour today on a drive along the coastal route from Spain to Porto, Portugal. This ancient port city is nestled on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean at the mouth of the Douro River with a rich port-wine trading history.

Before you arrive to Porto, you will stop at Viana do castelo for lunch and to visit its impressive Santuario de Santa Luzia.

In one of the most prestigious areas of Porto, the Ribeira historic district you will find the Pestana Vintage Porto, your home for next four days and  constructed as a group of 18 buildings that have been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Postcards always feature the hotel right in front of the Douro River, which blends in nicely with the other historic buildings in the area. You will be welcomed with an atmosphere that is at once vintage and contemporary, luxurious and romantic. The RIB BEEF & WINE restaurant at the hotel is the place for true connoisseurs of great beef and wine. 

On the second day, you will travel to the Douro Valley after breakfast. Stop at various stunning look out points as you follow the picturesque trail along the famous Douro river. Understand how this stunning vine-covered valley was awarded UNESCO World Heritage Status.  

Visit a traditional vineyard for an in depth explanation of the region-specific wine making process followed by a wine tasting. Learn about the centuries-old process of Port wine making.  Join the estate owners and wine producers for an elaborate Northern Portugal lunch filled with fresh seasonal foods.

Continue the path along the river until you reach the quaint town of Pinhão. Participate in a unique port wine tasting before returning to Porto.

Enjoy a private visit and tasting dinner at one of Porto’s oldest port houses, learning about the history and processing of this prized fortified wine produced exclusively in Portugal’s Douro Valley.

viña tondonia rioja

Enjoy the rest of the day at your own leisure.

After breaksfast on your last day in Porto, you may want to do some shopping on the lively city centre.

In the afternoon, you will enjoy a private Porto Wine Tour and Tasting Tour which provides an in-depth tutorial in wine history, technique, and appreciation. Porto is the spot to understand wine history given its location 60km away from the most well-known wine region in Portugal, the Douro Valley. This 3-hour tour introduces the basics of Portuguese wines, from Port wine to Vinho Verde (Green Wine) and even the country’s lesser known appellations. Over a few glasses of wine, we will discuss the wine-making process and the evolution of wine in Portugal, as well as food and wine pairings, current trends, and tasting techniques to help you continue your appreciation at home or abroad. We’ll visit two or three characteristic wine bars or wine stores, where locals congregate to imbibe, snack, and socialize (where we’ll join in the fun too).

hake fine dining dish gijon la salgar asturias northern spain

Tonight, you will enjoy a farewell dinner at Porto's best restaurant awarded by two Michelin stars,. In the classic comfort of The Yeatman restaurant, guests experience inspired cuisine with the accent on fresh local produce and on the imaginative pairing of food and wine.  The Yeatman is the only restaurant in Porto to hold two Michelin Stars awarded in November 2016.

Days 15 & 16

After breakfast, you will say goodbye to Porto and you will be driven to your next destination, Fatima (2h), a central Portuguese town that's home to the Sanctuary of Fátima, a Catholic pilgrimage site. The Capelinha das Aparições marks the spot where the Virgin Mary appeared in 1917 to three children.

When you arrive, before and after lunch, you will have free time to visit the Fatima Sanctuary and attend mass. Visit to the Chapel of the Apparitions, where Our Lady appeared to the three children in 1917. Visit the Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary, where the tombs of the Children, Saint Jacinta, Saint Francisco and Lucia are buried.  Visit to the Most Holy Trinity Basilica, considered the 4th biggest catholic church in the world.

Return to hotel in Fatima for refresh and dinner anytime you wish. You will be staying at the best hotel in the area, just metres away from the Sanctuary.

Enjoy the Evening Rosary inside the chapel of the Apparitions followed by the Candle Procession at Night on the Sanctuary.

The following day, you will have plenty of time to enjoy visit to the place where the three little children were born and where they have lived during the apparitions, in Aljustrel/Valinhos, 10min away from Fatima. In May 2017, the children of Fatima, Francisco and Jacinta have been canonised as Saints by Pope Francis. Visit to their houses.

You may also visit to the Via Sacra, the route of 15 Stations that the children used to walk 100 years ago to visit the apparitions site.

And the Sanctuary will be just meters away from your hotel, so you may attend mass and enjoy the Evening Rosary & Candle Procession on your last day in Fatima.

Day 17

It’s time to say goodbye to your Galicia & Northern Portugal trip. At the designated time, you will be driven to the Lisbon airport  (1h 30 min) on time to take your flight home. 

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    • Michelin-starred restaurants included
      1.  Casa Marcelo*
      2. Casa Solla*
      3. Yayo Daporta*
      4. Culler de Pau*
      5. Pepe Vieira*
      6. The Yeatman **
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