apple dessert el corral indianu asturias

Picture yourself savouring scrumptious tasting menus at two-starred Michelin restaurants

capricho gaudi comillas cantabria northern spain

Follow Gaudí's steps along Northern Spain in Comillas and admire a stunning masterpiece : "El Capricho"

santander northern spain aerial view

Be inspired by the sights and sounds of Santander, the pearl of the Cantabrian Sea

hotel room

Sleep in style in historic buildings turned world-class hotels at spectacular spots

picos de europa national park northern spain

Discover a nature lover's paradise : "Picos de Europa" National Park

asturian cider

Enjoy the cider culture in Asturias,  and learn how to pour it like a local

wellness centre spa northern spain

Pamper yourself at a wellness centre surrounded by nature

picinic in style

Imagine yourself enjoying "Jamón Ibérico" surrounded by nature during a stylish picnic at the top of the mountains of "Picos de Europa"

iberian ham slice

Bring home all the local flavours of your trip after visiting a local gourmet shop full of delicious Spanish delicacies

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Day 1

Exclusive Eat Northern Spain experiences:

  • Santander sightseeing tour
santander northern spain aerial view
  • Pinchos evening tour in Santander
annua gastro dish cantabria spain

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We begin our time together in Santander, one of the most charming coastal towns in Spain, the pearl of the Cantabrian Sea.  As soon as you arrive by train (07:45 MADRID CHAMARTIN -- 11:50 SANTANDER) , you will have some time to freshen up by the beach.  

For lunch, you will enjoy a feast for your senses at a beautifully restored Palace, home to one of Spain’s best restaurants, the 2-Michelin-starred Cenador de Amós. Every dish is lovingly prepared using the freshest local ingredients. The result is an unforgettable culinary explosion of flavours and textures.

After lunch we explore Santander by foot, by boat, or simply relax with a drink by a beautiful beach before retiring to your luxury hotel.

The Grand Hotel Sardinero is located on the beachfront, commanding breath-taking views of Sardinero beach and the Cantabrian Sea. This chic hotel oozes stylish sophistication, bathing you in opulent, contemporary luxury making it the perfect base from which to explore this stunning city.

In Santander, Spanish “Tapas” are served in the form of “Pinchos”. Do you know the difference between “Pinchos” & “Tapas”? They are both part of Spanish small food culture and while “Tapas” are small portions of food to share, “Pinchos” are bite-size food masterpieces often served on a slice of bread and have a cocktail stick in them, a delicious Spanish version of finger food.

For dinner, you will enjoy an evening of gathering with your loved one to eat, drink and be merry, a fundamental part of the fabric of social life in Spain. “Pinchos” line every bar in town, but knowing where to find the best ones is an art that needs local knowledge. Without a passionate foodie local with you, you would choose bars at random and pointed to what you would see on the counter, but often the “specials” aren’t on display.

Day 2

Exclusive Eat Northern Spain experiences:

  • Comillas sightseeing tour & Gaudí's "El Capricho" guided visit
capricho gaudi comillas cantabria northern spain
  • Cider Bar Crawl paired with local tapas in Ribadesella
Asturias cider bar crawl

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Once you haver recharged your batteries with a sumptuous breakfast you will be driven to a charming coastal village in the Cantabria region, Comillas. It is home to one of Gaudí's first architectural masterpieces, El Capricho.  A mind-blowing building from the world-famous architect.

For lunch you will enjoy a feast for your senses at one of Spain’s best restaurants, "Annua", awarded with 2 Michelin stars. As you dine overlooking the sea in this culinary oasis, you'll be taken on a gastronomic journey experiencing the best produce from this stunning region.

After your meal, you will be driven from the coast through a scenic road to the gates of Picos de Europa National Park. You will sleep in a former monastery beautifully restored into a charming hotel at an idyllic setting.

You are in a region which is the main producer of cider in Spain so the cherry on the cake to this unforgettable day will be an evening cider bar crawl. You will taste apple cider like a local paired with scrumptious tapas.

Day 3

Exclusive Eat Northern Spain experiences:

  • A scenic drive up to the mountains of "Picos de Europa" National Park
picos de europa national park scenic drive
  • A stylish picnic at the top of "Picos de Europa"
picinic in style

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After a breakfast of local specialities, you will enjoy a scenic drive up to "Picos de Europa".  With jaw-dropping views along the way you will admire the first National Park in Spain.

At a height of more than 1100 m above sea level you will enjoy an authentic experience at the "Covadonga Lakes", a stylish picnic with "Jamón Ibérico" , artisan cheeses & wine at an spectacular place.

After an unforgettable morning at the mountains, your adventure will continue at the two-starred Michelin restaurant "Casa Marcial".

This culinary haven, surrounded by mountains just at the gates of Picos de Europa National Park, will take you on a gastronomic journey to Northern Spain as you sample world-class dishes from their tasting menu that combine local produce with tradition and innovation.

Your hotel will be a luxury Eco-Resort & Wellness Spa perched on a gently sloping hillside with jaw-dropping views over Picos de Europa National Park. A peaceful retreat, hidden in the mountains, an ideal place to recharge your batteries and enjoy modern luxury surrounded by nature.

You will indulge yourself into the hotel's à-la-carte restaurant serving local food with an innovative touch.

Day 4

Exclusive Eat Northern Spain experiences:

  • A guided walking tour of Ribadesella, Northern Spain's most charming fishing village
ship arriving port

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After a reinvigorating sleep and a scrumptious breakfast of local specialities you can sleep in late or indulge yourself with a Spa treatment at the hotel Wellness & Spa Centre.

Before lunch,  you will enjoy a relaxing stroll around Ribadesella, an historic fishing port in Northern Spain, now turned into a bohemian coastal town full of charming architecture and a lively atmosphere with plenty of local bars and “sidrerías”, the name for local cider houses.

For lunch you will visit “Güeyu Mar", a temple for seafood lovers, which is been awarded by Opinionated About Dining as one of the Top 55 Restaurants in Europe because it is a place where world-class seafood and unimpeachable technique conspire to ruin you for all other grilled food going forward.

Hidden in the back roads of Asturias, an evergreen region nestled by the Cantabrian Sea, you will find the best fish and seafood grilled over an open wood fire. Work your way through the tasting menu, a feast for your senses where you will savour sardines, oysters, lobster, turbot and grouper and its speciality, the big-bellied king fish.

After lunch you will continue your journey to Oviedo, an historic town full of history and cobblestone streets.

You will stay for one night in much more than a hotel: a symbol. Much more than a place to stay: it is the place where knowledge and talent live. The Hotel de La Reconquista is, quite possibly, one of Spain's most characterful hotels. Tradition, luxury, nobility and 300 years of history have transformed it into an international symbol of Asturias.

For dinner, you will go for a treat at one of Oviedo's fine dining restaurants: Mestura.  The Chef Javier Loya delves into his extensive experience and training to create mouth-watering proposals starting from the most classic products of Asturian gastronomy : squid, octopus, pitu of caleya (wild range chicken)…

Day 5

Exclusive Eat Northern Spain experiences:

  • A visit to a local gourmet shop to buy local delicacies to take home
gourmet shop asturias

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This morning you will have time to enjoy a relaxing stroll around Oviedo city centre, where you will visit the historic buildings and the Cathedral as well as the central market, a place full of life and where people gather everyday to buy fresh local produce. 

As your short break comes to an end it is time to stock up on gastronomic treats to take home, so we will take you to a local gourmet shop where you can find the finest local produce: from artisan cheeses created with passion and flair to succulent acorn-fed Iberian Hams and dry-aged Galician Blonde Beef.

A transfer to the train station on time for your train will be the saddest experience of your memorable stay in Northern Spain.

  • about this tour

What’s included? Everything you need. Plus everything you'd
want. Plus a few things you never knew you wanted until you got them.

In a word: everything. In eighty words? A private chauffeur tour guided by Elias, Eat Northern Spain founder, an interesting, fun and like-minded travel companion; authentic and innovative local cuisine; world-class local wines; wine tastings; all victuals and libations; all the endorphins you can handle; new insight; a feeling of total freedom. In short: an extraordinary, hassle-free journey of discovery. Travel at your own pace: My tailor-made holidays are very flexible, allowing you to start road journeys or sightseeing when you choose – within reason.

  • All hotel accommodation:
    • Gran Hotel Sardinero Santander 4*
    • Hotel Parador Cangas Onís 4*
    • Puebloastur EcoResort & Spa 5*
    • Hotel de la Reconquista Oviedo 5*
  • Daily breakfast at all the hotels.
  • All meals at Michelin-starred restaurants (tasting menus) and all other meals as indicated, drinks included:
    • Cenador de Amós 2* Michelin  -- Lunch 1st day
    • Pinchos bar crawl Santander  --  Dinner 1st day
    • Annua 2* Michelin  -- Lunch 2nd day
    • Cider + Tapas crawl in Cangas de Onís  -- Dinner 2nd day
    • Casa Marcial 2*  -- Lunch 3rd day
    • Pueblo Astur Ecoresort restaurant  -- Dinner 3rd day
    • Güeyu Mar (seafood grilled restaurant 55th restaurant in Europe)  -- Lunch 4th day
    • Mestura - Fine dining restaurant in Oviedo   -- Dinner 4th day
  • All transportation from airport pickup to drop-off in an air-conditioned brand-new vehicle. Your safety and comfort are paramount. You will enjoy touring Northern Spain in safety, comfort and style.
  • Cold drinks and snacks during sightseeing/excursions and other drives.
  • Translator services and assistance at restaurants and hotels. I will break the language barrier for you so you can get the most out of your experiences during your trip.
  • An Eat Northern Spain Exclusive :  Santander sightseeing tour.
  • An Eat Northern Spain Exclusive :  Pintxos bar crawl paired with local wines in Santander
  • An Eat Northern Spain Exclusive :  Comillas sightseeing tour and Gaudí's "El Capricho" guided visit.
  • An Eat Northern Spain Exclusive :  A guided cider bar crawl with 2 bottles of cider paired with 4 local tapas.
  • An Eat Northern Spain Exclusive :  A scenic drive up to the mountains of "Picos de Europa".
  • An Eat Northern Spain Exclusive :  A stylish picnic at the top of "Picos de Europa" with "Jamón Iberico", artisan cheeses and wine.
  • An Eat Northern Spain Exclusive : A visit to a gourmet shop to buy local delicacies to take home.
  • An Eat Northern Spain Exclusive : A walking tour of Oviedo's historic centre and its beautiful Cathedral.
  • 24h concierge service during the whole trip.
  • All baggage transportation. 
  • All gratuities for baggage, porters and hotel service.
  • All currently applicable taxes.

Starting Point -- Ending Point

  • Santander  -- Oviedo

What to expect

  • A laid-back pace with free time to relax
  • Plenty of scrumptious local food and wine as well as time to really appreciate the dining experience