There’s a reason we only run 12 tours a year 

We design and deliver them — and we pour ourselves into making them perfect for you

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"Best vacation of our life!"

"All of it was carefully planned and executed perfectly. On our timeline, on our schedule, with tact, friendly conversation, balance, and laughter. Elias is a Professional (big "P" is intended), in love with his country. No detail is too smal. Eleven stars out of five!"

Dmitry Rocklin & family  //  San Francisco, USA

For an authentic adventure that tops every vacation you’ve ever taken, Eat Northern Spain is for you

You’re not looking for the kind of tour you could find in a brochure. You’re not interested in mixing with large crowds, following rigid schedules, partaking in subpar experiences that run off commission, or eating average food from fixed menus in restaurants filled with tourists. 

Nor are you interested in spending days (or weeks) organising the tour yourself, driving in a foreign country, trying to translate the language with a pocket guidebook, or getting caught in tourist traps even though you tried so hard to avoid them.  

You’re looking for something more exclusive. More authentic. More one-of-a-kind. More like a magical African safari… but in Spain. 

Your dream trip is a life-changing luxury tour that’s been totally tailored to your tastes and filled with unique experiences that only in-the-know locals have access to.

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That’s exactly why Eat Northern Spain was born back in 2011 — to provide uncommonly exceptional private tours that are designed by locals and delivered by the very same locals

Founder and foodie, Elias Gonzalez, who has lived in Northern Spain all his life, always set out to offer something that exceeded expectations. Our clients don’t consider themselves tourists, they consider themselves travellers. Travellers who adore exquisite food and drink. They want a truly unique, luxurious, and authentic adventure so memorable they’ll tell their grandchildren about it for years to come. (Or bring the grandchildren with them next time!)

That kind of epic culinary and cultural experience was rare, if not impossible, to find in the travel industry in Spain. Elias decided to change that. Here are a few things we do deliberately differently here at Eat Northern Spain.

We’re a boutique, family-run business with forever roots in Spain

We are obsessed with our country. Our choice to stay small allows us to provide the highest quality experience that is impossible to replicate by bigger corporations who have the marketing budget but don’t have roots here. The way we provide high-touch, tailored tours means our clients feel like an extension of our family, which they love!

You deal with Elias from start to finish

Elias is the sole person you communicate with before your trip, so every detail is covered and your tour is planned and personalised to perfection. He’s also the person who will be by your side throughout your tour (unless exceptional circumstances arise), so you’re meeting a friendly, familiar face when you land and can immediately relax.

Trust is our biggest company value

2020 had a huge impact on the travel industry and has understandably made people wary of going abroad. When our clients had to cancel their 2020 trips, we refunded their deposits within 24 hours, no questions asked, because it was the right thing to do. There is no “middle-man” with us and you can always contact us directly.

We are proud members of some of the most distinguished travel associations in the world: the American Society of Travel Advisors  (ASTA), the Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) and the World Food Travel Association.  Sit back and relax, with us you are in good hands.

If you click on each logo you will find more information about us on each association's website.

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Everything is exclusive and first-class quality

Nothing we do is based on commission because our service is based on your desires, not ours. We know every chef, hotel, and restaurant in Northern Spain and outstanding quality is guaranteed. This is why we only provide 12 private tours per year. We’ve spent years unearthing the most special experiences so you don’t have to.

Unrivalled attention to detail and the personal touch 

Your standards are high and so are your expectations, which makes you our perfect client. The more you share who you are with us, the more we can perfectly tailor your tour to you. While we have pre-planned itineraries to make it easy to start the process, every tiny detail is flexible to you and your desires. Oh, and there will be surprises...

Meet the Eat Northern Spain family

Elías González, founder + CEO

Hola! I’m Elias, and I’m the one who will respond to your enquiry, design your one-of-a-kind private tour, and become your travel companion and translator.

Born and raised in a small town called Leon in Northern Spain, I’ve always had a love for authentic food and have travelled across the globe in search of the best gastronomic experiences. The problem was always the language barrier. Being afraid to explore vibrant local markets and not knowing what to order meant I had to hunt down local guides to help.

This opened up a whole new world of discovery, and is a huge part of why Eat Northern Spain exists. To show you a side of the country you simply can’t see through a typical tour. I’m so excited to welcome you to my home and show you all the culinary and cultural delights it has to offer.

Patricia Cañón, operations

Hola, I’m Patricia, and I keep everything running smoothly behind the scenes. That includes developing and nurturing our excellent relationships with suppliers and partners and making sure every detail of your trip is planned to perfection.

Alberto Carro, private chauffeur

Hola, I’m Alberto, and my pride and joy is escorting you safely and in comfort. My fleet of cars and minivans are kept in pristine condition, are ideal for post-lunch naps, and are full of little surprises, like magazines, chocolate, water, fresh juices and toys if you have young children who need to be kept occupied!

We are the heart of Eat Northern Spain but there are many more people working with us: Ana, our local expert guide in Galicia & Portugal; Agustín, the master ham carver; José, the cattleman; Jesús and Pepe, the artisan cheese-makers; Teresa and David, the wine producers; Esmeralda and Sara, hotel managers; Chefs, local guides, hotel staff ... we partner with amazing people who work everyday to make your stay with us memorable. 

We’re not a big corporation selling tours all over the world and that is our strength

The personal touch is what makes a vacation uncommonly exceptional, and we are the best of the best at that. Just take a look at what our clients have said about touring Spain with us.

We’ve designed and delivered unique experiences since 2011 and can’t wait for you to explore the country we’re honoured to call home. One thing’s for sure, once you Eat Northern Spain, you’ll never forget it.