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Spain Tour Testimonial

"We loved every moment, from the interactions with locals at every stop of the trip to our formal wine dinners. We would refer Eat Northern Spain to anyone. The experiences you create are superlative in any way. We can't speak highly enough of your itineraries. Thank you for creating moments and memories that will last a lifetime!

From end to end our hosts, the food, wine, cider and accommodation was exceptional. Well done guys and thank you, we will always hold fond memories of your amazing tour"

Ken & Julie - Queensland, AUSTRALIA


Customer Review

"I would book again without hesitation. The hotels and restaurants chosen were outstanding. Our guide, seem to have “an in” on all the special places to go which we would never would have known about had we tried to book our trip on our own.

Using Eat Northern Spain was the best thing we did. The trip was customized just exactly how we wanted it! We didn’t need to worry about anything...booking the hotels, restaurants, driving, the bills, tipping, ...everything was first class. Well Done Eat Northern Spain!!!”
Thanks again for the providing us with a trip of a lifetime"

Janice Arnson - North Dakota, USA


"Thanks very much for a great trip. We couldn’t fault any part of it. The enthusiasm and skill of the people we visited was wonderful and their food and wine matched it. We searched online for luxury food and wine tours in Spain and that’s what we got with lots of extras. Thanks again from all of us"

Mark, Richard & Philip Emerton - London, UK


Customer Reviews

"If you want to eat the most flavorful food from local hideaways to Michelin starred restaurants . . .

If you want to experience the most incredible local wines . . .

If you want to stay in unique hotels from castles to monasteries . . .

If you want to avoid tourist buses and tourist crowds . . .

Then choose Eat Northern Spain to make it happen. When we compared the costs of Eat Northern Spain with upscale coach tours, our decision to go with a personalized tour was an easy one. The care and flexibility of all the people in this company made our first visit to Spain one that we will always remember.

Without a doubt you will get more than you paid for--guaranteed! "

Jean Grim - Virginia, USA


Customer Reviews

"We cannot thank you enough for the most magical experience in Northern Spain. 

It was nothing short of spectacular and our memories will last a lifetime. It was just so special and every detail you arranged was perfect.

Not to mention you were also such fun company!!! Every little detail was pure perfection and I can’t wait to book our next trip with you"

Chistine Nurnberger and family - Boston, Massachusetts, USA


Experiences review Northern Spain

"What an amazing trip! We loved everything! Great experience! Best vacation of our life!.. Well, I feel there is no good way to start without sounding like a stereotypical, very much cliché review. Yet all of it is true and pertinent.

Everything started one rainy evening with Steak (R)evolution - a Netflix documentary by Franck Ribière - worldwide dive into gastronomy, farming and butchery while on the quest for the best steak out there. One man and one place stood out. José Gordon and El Capricho in Spain’s Castille-Leon region. After some quick research it was clear to us that the best way to get there was with Eat Northern Spain. Why? Well, keep reading. Few emails and couple Skype interviews later we were set, counting days for our dreamed trip. 

Now, pay attention. The better you will outline your interests, aims, your must-haves, your individual preferences, your budget, your concerns than better your bespoke experienced will be. Elias, Eat Northern Spain's CEO & Owner is a Professional (big “P” is intended), in love with his country. No detail is too small for him and all the people in this company and they will not overlook anything. In fifteen days we visited and stayed in four regions. Every place, every time we felt we are in the undeniably best room , in finest hotel the city could offer. Having room in Bilbao across the street for, Guggenheim felt superlative at first until sun start painting titanium tiles in into cacophony of colours, from hard steel to shades of copper to tones of gold. There was an endless beauty, our tour was peppered with picturesque scenes. Twelve century frescoes will give way to chef, gathering something from organic garden right after sunrise, to the river of wineries, to the best in the world Gothic architecture, to kids smiling walking into waves of the sea, to undisputed best rows of stain glass in Leon’s Cathedral, to boats gathering late morning in the port to sort out daily catch, to bigger-than-bus chestnut barrels filled with apple cider, to huge exposition of Chagall, to my five-year-old daughter playing with newborn calf to glass-like lakes framed in emerald and grey when going over the mountains.

Yet it was food, that took the centre stage more often than anything else. So many times we found ourselves on the middle of “Oh, my God! This the best anchovies… steak… razor clam… olive oil… turbot… “cheesecake”… blue lobster… iberico ham… blood sausage… monk fish … lamb roast… fill in the blank … I ever ate”. Everything we tried was amazing. From tiny, authentic hand-full-of-seats small village eatery to three Michelin star best of in the world restaurants. From hand carved, the best the country can offer ham sampling (thank you Augustin) to deep in basement one on one with owner and third generation cheese-make cheese tasting. Wine was the only competition to food in quality and consistency. Not only we visited, but met chefs in some of the best restaurants in Spain. Day prior to our flight back to San Francisco they set us up with ultimate culmination experience. While our guide was “babysitting” our eighteen and five-year-old, too-much-yet-very-appropriate luxury sedan took us to Axpe for about six-hour visit to Asador Etxebarri… Remarkable food, incredible wine, and wonderful service day in and day out.

On value… One morning in León, I woke up early. While I was having my first espresso in the hotel cafe I was watching farmers setting up Sunday market on the main town square. Group of fellow American tourists were gathering up to board a nearby bus. Everyone was dressed like they about to scale Everest plus Samsonite suitcase, plus selfie stick. Many looked bit worn-out, anxious, overly organized and determined, resolute to accomplish things. For a little more (yes more, not less) what me and my family spent for our amazing Spain experience, poor people were about to fritter few weeks inside the bus chasing one after another rationed, stale, to-be-checkmarked and forgotten destination. Our Mercedes minivan filled with icy water, mints, new fuzzy toy each morning for my daughter and operated by highly experienced driver was not due for another couple of hours. I ordered another espresso…

Do not get confused. This is not a review of Spain. This is a review of expert services from Eat Northern Spain. It is through their eyes we fell in love with Spain. It is thanks to them we enjoyed every experience. All of it was carefully planned and executed perfectly. On our timeline, on our schedule, with tact, friendly conversation, balance and laughter. Eleven stars out of five, guys! Please keep it up. Thank you and stay awesome our dear friends!"

Dmitry Rocklin and family- San Francisco, California, USA



"What a fabulous vacation!  We ate at all the best restaurants and stayed in the best hotels.  And best of all – we didn’t have to travel with large tourist crowds on large tourist buses.

We had a private tour van that was perfectly sized for our family group, with a dedicated driver and an amazing personal tour director.  The food and accommodations were the best and Eat Northern Spain tailored our adventure to include winery tours, hiking on the El Camino, staying overnight in a monastery, touring the Guggenheim Gallery, sightseeing at a number of the wonderful Cathedrals, and more.  We got to vacation at our own pace, and we got to see all the things that we wanted to see.

It was truly the vacation of a lifetime"

Mark Mazur - Kansas, USA

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West Essex Life Magazine Article

West Essex Life Magazine ( UK)  - July 2018

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"Last March,my friend and I plus our wives decided to take a trip to Northern Spain. We had fully intended planning this trip ourselves however having been introduced to “Eat Northern Spain” by another foodie and have to say that the decision to join Elias (CEO & Founder of Eat Northern Spain) on a Culinary Tour was by far the best decision we made throughout the whole planning stages. We had an absolutely mouth-watering four days travelling in a spacious chauffeur driven Mercedes with Elias providing us with snippets of history and knowledge in general of Northern Spain throughout. We stopped in some exceptional hotels and fed like kings in some beautiful locations. We ate the what is reputed to be “The Best Beef In the World” and I would not dispute that as well of some of the finest fresh seafood I have ever tasted. Elias was friendly courteous and very professional at all times, in fact the perfect partner to accompany us on our tour. I would have no hesitation in recommending “Eat Northern Spain” to anyone at all. A truly eye-opening experience. "

Richard Virr - Ripon, North Yorkshire (UK)

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"Possibly the most exciting concept we’ve heard this year. Put together from the finest ingredients, Eat Northern Spain trips combine foodie experiences with unparalleled cultural immersion in one of Spain’s greatest destinations"

Abbotts Travel London's Top Travel Agency by Travel Trade Gazette

Kim Kerr California (USA)


We had an absolute blast with Eat Northern Spain! We couldn't have asked for more! I generally have high expectations and I was thoroughly impressed! Their warmth, caring and welcoming approach goes well beyond client service. Thank you for the excellent service and hospitality during our girls-only trip in Spain "

Caroline Ostergaard Denmark

Have you ever been on holiday and felt you didn't get to experience the real essence of the country?

You spent so much time on organised trips to the main tourist hotspots that the authentic culture passed you by?

Eat Northern Spain changes that.

Crafted from the finest ingredients (exceptional lodgings, incomparable insider access, stellar food and wine), Eat Northern Spain trips combine foodie experiences with unparalleled cultural immersion in one of Spain's greatest destinations.