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Uncommonly exceptional private tours in Spain & Portugal

Travel luxuriously, eat exquisitely, remember fondly

private wine tour northern spain

"We have been on many luxury trips but this was by far the best holiday we have been on. Spain is wonderful! We were treated superbly. Thank you to all the team at 'Eat Northern Spain', you will forever remain in our hearts"

Barbara & Campbell Davidson  //  Brisbane, Australia

When you visit stunning Spain, would you rather travel like a tourist or live like a local? If it’s the latter, welcome home.

Eat Northern Spain is a boutique provider of luxury, private, and personalized tours in Spain & Portugal. We prioritise keeping you comfortable, delighting your taste-buds and curiosities, and curating world-class cultural experiences you won’t stop thinking about for weeks. Maybe even years…

 With us, you get the complete peace of mind that every single detail is taken care of for you, both before and during your trip. All you need to do is get on your flight over. Elias will be there to greet you at the airport. (He always wears a smile!)

Relax with your private chauffeur + English-speaking local guide and stay in the most unique hotels

Discover Spain’s most memorable hidden gems — the ones you won’t find online. You could stay in a 12th century castle one night (with a sunset view over the vineyard), a converted monastery another night, and a quirky boutique hotel the next.

Your comfort and safety are of paramount importance, which is why you’re privately chauffeur-driven at all times (usually by Alberto), and accompanied everywhere by Eat Northern Spain founder, Elias. Nobody knows Northern Spain’s secrets better.

Indulge in the best food + wine you've ever tasted from the best restaurants you've never heard of

Whether you fancy fine-dining in a place serving melt-in-the-mouth meat, a tiny candlelit restaurant hidden down a cobblestone street, sampling the tastiest cheese and wine in a private cellar, or all of the above, your wish is our command.

Northern Spain is renowned for its world-leading delicacies and we know the very best places to take you, whatever your palate prefers or is intrigued by. We can even organize private cooking classes and exclusive chef meetings for you.

Immerse yourself in local culture and unforgettable experiences while we handle all the logistics for you

Your private experience is perfectly personalised to your unique tastes, dreams, and day-to-day mood. Leave the logistics to us so you can focus on making memories amongst the rich history, grand architecture, and mouth-watering food.

Surprise personal touches can be found everywhere. From the fresh water and chocolate provided in your vehicle, to the portable routers in case hotel wifi is patchy and you want to call home, to the photographs taken of you and your loved ones.

food tour spain

"We cannot thank you enough for the most magical experience in Northern Spain. It was nothing short of spectacular and our memories will last a lifetime. It was so special and every detail you arranged was perfect. Not to mention you were also such fun company!!! Every little detail was pure perfection and I can't wait to book our next trip with you"

Chistine Nurnberger & family //  Boston, Massachussetts, USA

Eat Northern Spain isn’t like other travel agents or tour providers, and that’s by design. We offer something different because our clients are seeking something different

Whether you’re planning a birthday celebration, enjoying retirement, organising a big family vacation, or just have the urge to experience more of Europe, come take a wander off the beaten track and see why our way is the only way to experience the secret wonders of Spain & Portugal.