Camino de Santiago Luxury Tour in 8 Days

2024 Spain's Best Tour.  Private Tours only (min 4 - max 8 people) Unique boutique hotels paired with Spain's best food & wine on all our Camino de Santiago Luxury Tours.  Walk the Camino at your own pace, as far as you want everyday, your driver & your guide will be with you to help you walk with the pilgrims but also to enjoy Spain's beautiful culture & history.

"Our Camino de Santiago luxury tours are designed to immerse travelers who crave an authentic cultural and culinary experience in the most exciting areas of northern Spain. Luxury hotels along the Camino de Santiago offer an astonishing glimpse into the country’s history. Each night, you will sleep in an architectural wonder that puts a finishing touch on the day’s adventures"

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Camino de Santiago luxury tours map
Day 1
  • A guided tour of Burgos UNESCO World Heritage Site and its stunning Cathedral
burgos cathedral camin de santiago luxury tours
  • A visit to a traditional "asador" to taste roasted lamb in a place only known by locals
lechazo roasted lamb burgos food and wine tours spain

Your Camino de Santiago Luxury Tour starts here...

Your journey begins at the Madrid airport where a guide will greet you with a warm welcome and a private vehicle. Your driver will take you through a pleasant scenic route through the beautiful Spanish countryside en route to your first destination. The Camino officially begins in Burgos, where the final resting place of El Cid awaits travelers at a classic Gothic-era cathedral.

This is widely considered to be an architectural masterpiece. It is lauded as one of the finest in Europe, and it truly is a highlight of the Camino de Santiago. Starting your journey at this 13th century Gothic cathedral is the perfect lead into the rest of your adventure. The surrounding township is saturated in the same rich history as its stunning centerpiece.

The first dinner will introduce you to a signature cuisine from this area. It is called “Lechazo”, and the technique for this slow-cooked lamb recipe was created centuries ago. Naturally, it will be paired with a fine red wine cultivated from this region. Guests might also enjoy taking a light stroll through Burgos before retiring to the hotel, which can feel like a journey back in time. Your lodging consists of a 14th medieval castle, which underwent delicate renovations to preserve its spectacular stone staircases, opulent ceilings and private chambers fully fitted for royalty.

Day 2
  • A guided walking stage of the Camino at the heart of the pilgrimage route
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  • A private tasting of the best "Jamón Ibérico de Bellota" hand carved by knife by a professional, a private experience only in our Camino de Santiago Luxury Tours.
jamon iberico plate sliced by knife

This is a fine beginning to an adventure that will continue to amaze and delight your senses. In the morning, you will be greeted with a delicious and flavorful breakfast to prepare you for the next stage of the Camino. Your driver will promptly take you to the next segment’s starting point. This Camino de Santiago Luxury Tour will start in Burgos and walk through the changing landscapes of León. As rolling hills filled with vineyards give way to vast pastures, you will experience the terrain from an authentic, local perspective.

You’ll travel through some of the most densely concentrated areas of Spanish Romanesque architecture from the 10th century. At the end of this inspiring scenery, you will encounter the lovely village of Frómista.

After a brief drive in the direction of Carrión de los Condes, you will arrive at the Monastery of San Zolio. This Cluniac monastery is home to the famous sepulchers of the Infantes de Carrión, and it dates to the 11th to 12th centuries. Ancient pilgrims of the original Camino de Santiago valued the hospital that was constructed on the premises.

León, a beautiful town founded by the Romans, a highlight on the Camino

This will become the setting for a delicious lunch in an atmosphere that is often cited by travelers of the Camino as a highlight of the trip. Afterwards, your driver will take you to the next landmark on your journey. León won the appellation of Spain’s Gastronomy Capital 2018. It is a town seeped in history, and it still maintains a lively local culture to the present day.

After checking in to a classy boutique hotel located in the Main Square of León, you can enjoy the extremely close view of two significant historical buildings, the astonishing Gothic cathedral of León and Gaudi’s Casa Botines. A private dinner will be served featuring a pleasant twist. The classic hand-carving technique performed by a Master Ham Carver will introduce you to the delicate flavors of the evening’s specialty, Jamón Ibérico.

Experience each variety of Spanish ham served in paper-thin slices straight from a qualified knife. Savor the moment as each unique flavor is released from exquisitely delicate slices that melt inside your mouth. During this private tasting experience, you will learn to distinguish each type of ham while tasting Jamon Ibérico in the traditional style.

Day 3
  • A private visit to El Capricho Farm-house to learn how oxen are raised to produce the best meat in the world
el capricho farm northern spain
  • A  guided tour of León's amazing Gothic Cathedral and city centre
cathedral-leon-spain food and wine tours spain
  • Sleep in a old palace now turned winery-hotel surrounded by vineyards
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Luxury Hotels Along the Camino de Santiago

In the morning, a flavorful breakfast will be served before you embark upon a guided tour of León’s Gothic cathedral. This monumental structure is a 13th century masterpiece that wraps you in the period of time when it was constructed. Witness the manipulation of sunlight as the rays are channeled through one of the world’s finest stained-glass windows. This is the same display of color and light that has inspired countless numbers of pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago.

Only a few meters from the cathedral is the stunning Casa Botines, which was designed by the world-renowned architect, Antoni Gaudi. This is one of his few works that weren’t made inside Barcelona, and it resides at the very center of this charming northern Spanish town. When noon arrives, your driver will take you from your hotel to the Bodega El Capricho, which is about 50 minutes away.

A paradise for foodies along the Camino, only available on our Camino de Santiago Luxury Tours

This family-owned grill restaurant and farm house has been featured in the film Steak Revolution, which highlighted the Galician blond from Bodega El Capricho as the best steak in the world. International press like the New York Times, Stern, the Guardian and Time acclaim this location as the world’s finest place to experience a perfected steak. You can expect the most intense meat experience of your lifetime from these refined dishes prepared in a remote inn nestled deep in the back roads of northern Spain.

José Gordón is the owner of El Capricho, and his land is where various breeds of Iberian oxen are raised. These colossal animals are as high as seven feet, and they can weigh up to 1.4 kilograms. They age up to 15 years, and the meat goes through a dry-age treatment in refrigerators with temperature controls for as long as 180 days. This process gives the meat the exquisite flavor that you will experience later at the farm’s signature restaurant. This feast is crowned with a wine aged in the restaurant’s cellar, which consists of a cave that was converted into a wine cellar a few hundred years ago.

Enjoy a Spanish-styled siesta during the hour-long drive to your next destination, which heads north towards Asturias before arriving at the Palacio de Canedo. This is the most significant wine estate in Bierzo. A stunning palace constructed of fine woods and stone awaits your arrival. This exemplary palace restoration was converted into a chic, rustic-themed luxury hotel that is fully ensconced in luscious vineyards.

Bierzo’s signature artisan wines are possible because of a unique agricultural creation, the mencía grape, which only grows in this wine region of Europe. Pair these famous wines with the fine local cuisine during a sunset spectacle that creates a magical coup de grace. If you wanted to fall in love all over again, this would surely be the moment.

Day 4
  • A  walking stage of the Camino along the Miño river surrounded by terraces full of vineyards
ribeira sacra vineyards camino de santiago luxury tours wine tours spain
  • Sleep like a monk in a monastery dated back to the 7th century now turned luxury hotel 
parador santo estevo spain camino luxury tour

Our traveller's favourite day on all our Camino de Santiago Luxury Tours

Breakfast at these vineyards will prepare you for the next stage, which takes place at the Ribeira Sacra. History and wine mingle with the elegant monastic backdrop in this inland area of Galicia. Appreciate the canyons of Miño and the Sil river, which constitute the area’s landmarks. Take a journey through time as you observe the dozen monasteries dating back to the Middle Ages. These medieval structures also hide a gem within the wine world. Discover vines that date back 2,000 years to ancient Rome. All our Camino de Santiago Luxury Tours stop here to soak up the history and the unique atmosphere of this small region.

This paradise for wine lovers produces artisan red and white grapes, or mencia and godello, respectively. Walk the long Miño river with plentiful vineyards, a stunning landscape for five miles, or eight kilometers. By lunchtime, you will be ready for a feast prepared from fresh produce in a quaint village. The picturesque scenery will dazzle you until it’s time to retire for the next two nights in your elegant hotel that was converted from a 7th century monastery. Rest peacefully in this retreat environment that combines luxury services in a contemplative sylvan setting next to a river.

Dinner is served at the hotel’s elegant restaurant à la carte. 

Day 5
  • A  magical boat trip along the river where you can admire first-hand the beauty of this vineyards perched on the cliffs by the river
wine tours spain sil river canyon galicia

Resting on the Camino, the new luxury

Ribeira Sacra Luxury Boat Cruise

The next day, you can enjoy some free time after a breakfast filled with local specialty foods. Explore the hotel, take a stroll around the premises or indulge yourself with a lazy afternoon nap. Later in the day, you will be escorted to the Miño river for a private boat tour, a riverside lunch and a visit to the area’s most traditional winery. On the boat trip, your guide will describe the entire wine production process while you pass the vast stretches of vineyards in elevated terraces where the grapes are picked for transport along the same river.

By late afternoon, you will arrive back to one of the luxury hotels along the Camino de Santiago for some leisure time, which can include some relaxing on-site spa treatments if you wish. Dinner and breakfast will take place a fine restaurant overlooking luscious courtyards on the hotel’s premises.

Day 6
  • A  guided walk along the last stage of The Camino where you will join hundreds of pilgrims up to their final destination: Santiago de Compostela
camino de santiago luxury tours santiago de compostela cathedral galicia
  • A  traditional Galician tapas lunch in Santiago's old town
tapa croquette and ham burgos northern spain
  • Sleep in style during two nights in a piece of history just metres away from Santiago's stunning Cathedral
parador santiago de compostela room

The Culmination of our Camino de Santiago Luxury Tours

This morning, your driver and your guide will take you on a scenic route to the final walking portion of the Camino.

The final stretch of your journey is 6.2 miles, or 10 kilometers. Join the rest of the Camino’s pilgrims gather to walk from Santiago’s outskirts to the magnificent cathedral of the Plaza del Obradoiro. This is the Santiago de Compostela, a UNESCO heritage site and the most iconic city in the northern region of Spain. It’s Galicia’s capital, and it’s the final site on this pilgrimage trail.

Relax and absorb the ambiance of the cobbled roads and the historical atmosphere around the cathedral. In the heart of this town is your final restaurant serving amazing dishes for lunch. Afterwards, check into the beautifully decorated hotel, which is one of the oldest in Spain. It’s prime location and 5-star rating are the envy of other hotels, for it is situated right in the heart of the Plaza del Obradoiro with a full view of Santiago’s spectacular Gothic cathedral. This is the highlight of all our Camino de Santiago Luxury Tours, a hotel that is a destination in itself metres away from one of Europe's most stunning Gothic Cathedrals.

A guided tour is available to those travelers who are curious about the cathedral’s history. The luxurious grounds feature a four-arcade courtyard, which creates a photogenic backdrop for the final gastronomic indulgences of the trip. This is the scenery you will enjoy for a leisurely afternoon that permits you plenty of time to meander around the grounds or stroll through the hotel’s impressive architecture.

The Restaurante dos Reis will be the site of your dinner today. This space was converted from the Royal Hospital’s stables. It now offers a unique ambiance for sampling traditional cuisines from this region. This is a fine ending point for your journey through northern Spain’s gastronomic and architectural treasures.

Day 7
  • An early morning visit to Santiago de Compostela's lively farmers' market to discover local delicacies
galician seafood octopus
  • A tour inside Santiago de Compostela's impressive Gothic Cathedral
camino de santiago luxury tours Cathedral
  • A farewell dinner in a historic setting with a selection of some of the best local food
casa gerardo red mullet dish

Camino de Santiago de Compostela

The morning meal will consist of sumptuous dishes that you can savor while having a full view of the famous Gothic cathedral at the end of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela.

Embark on a culinary tour through the central farmers’ market where fresh produce, seafood and world-famous Galician blond beef and octopus combine to enhance the atmosphere of gastronomy. The morning’s tour continues with an inside view of the Gothic cathedral. This stop has always been a highlight for hundreds of Camino de Santiago pilgrims looking to embrace Apostle Santiago or attend the Pilgrims’ Mass to witness the Botafumeiro swinging gracefully.

Enjoy a feast of galician tapas for lunch, where only the best produced is served in a relaxed atmosphere in Santiago's liverly rua do Franco. The evening will be a time of leisure and relaxation. Explore the historic sights of the village center independently, or take some time to rest at the hotel. 

Your farewell dinner takes place in the chef’s kitchen at the best restaurant in town where you get to witness it being prepared in an intimate setting. The chef will prepare Michelin-starred cuisine with custom care and a personalized touch. The open kitchen environment provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the masterful workings that create the evening’s culinary experience.

Day 8

Today, there will be time for relaxation or shopping before your driver ensures that you arrive on time to the airport for your flight. Although this might be the saddest moment of your 8 days in Spain, the memories created here will now be with you for a lifetime as you return home.

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This is a Private Tour available all-year-round

Group size

4 - 8 people - Private Tour: only you & your group travelling together -

Starting Point


Ending Point

Santiago de Compostela (high-speed train back to Madrid available)

What’s included? Everything you need. Plus everything you'd
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In a word: everything. In eighty words? A private chauffeur tour guided by an English-speaking local guide, an interesting, fun and like-minded travel companion; authentic and innovative local cuisine; world-class local wines; wine tastings; all victuals and libations; all the endorphins you can handle; new insight; a feeling of total freedom. In short: an extraordinary, hassle-free journey of discovery. Travel at your own pace: Our tailor-made holidays are very flexible, allowing you to start road journeys or sightseeing when you choose – within reason.

  • All hotel accommodation
    •    1 night -- BURGOS -- Hotel Landa 5*
    •    1 night -- LEON -- NH Collection Plaza Mayor 4*
    •    1 night -- BIERZO -- Palacio de Canedo 4*
    • 2 nights -- RIBEIRA SACRA -- Parador de Santo Estevo 4*
    • 2 nights -- SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA -- Parador de los Reyes Católicos 5* GL /  Hotel Monumento Francisco 4*
  • Daily breakfast at all the hotels.
  • All meals at Michelin-starred, signature and traditional restaurants and all other meals as indicated à-la-carte (6 lunches  & 7 dinners) with wines and drinks included à-la-carte (no fixed menus, you may choose from each restaurant's public menu what you want to taste).
  • Guided walking routes along the most beautiful stages of the Camino de Santiago. You choose how far you want to walk each day, all walking routes will be tailored to your physical condition from a few miles every two days to  15 miles every day.
  • All transportation from airport pickup to drop-off in a chauffeured air-conditioned brand-new vehicle: Mercedes Class E, V or luxury minibus. Your safety and comfort are paramount. You will enjoy touring Northern Spain in safety, comfort and style.
  • English speaking guide during the whole trip. Translator services and assistance at restaurants, hotels & experiences. We will break the language barrier for you so you can get the most out of your experiences during your trip.
  • All the experiences, visits and activities included in the itinerary.
  • 24h concierge service during the whole trip.
  • All baggage transportation. 
  • All gratuities for baggage, porters and hotel service.
  • All currently applicable taxes.

What’s not included?

  • International Flights
  • Medical Travel Insurance
  • Personal expenses

What to expect

  • A laid-back pace with free time to relax
  • Plenty of scrumptious local food and wine as well as time to really appreciate the dining experience