"Our culinary tours give you a new perspective on Spain and what it has to offer.  Eat Northern Spain offers a truly luxury experience unlike many others. With twenty-four-hour concierge, Mercedes V-class or luxury mini-bus transport, truly authentic local experiences, à-la-carte food & drinks and top-notch accommodations it will be hard for you to feel like anything short of a celebrity.  Choosing the perfect tour among all the culinary tours in the world has never been easier"

The best culinary Tour of Spain in just 8 Days

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truffle hunting culinary tours spain

Be part of a hunting truffle experience with dogs in Spain's countryside

culinary tours ribera del duero grapes

Picture yourself discovering the secrets of Spain's  world-famous wine regions "Rioja" & "Ribera del Duero"

tapas in Leon food and wine tours spain

Brush shoulders with the locals to taste delicious tapas & pintxos during guided bar crawls

culinary tours marques de riscal winery by night

Be amazed by the beauty of the best buildings in Spain designed by world-famous architect Frank Gehry

culinary tours ribera del duero hotel room spain

Sleep in style at a 12th century medieval abbey turned world-class hotel surrounded by vineyards

culinary tours cider tasting basque country

Pour cider like a local during a cider house tour paired with delicious traditional Basque food

Blue lobster culinary tour of Spain and Portugal

Savour delicious fresh food at traditional local restaurants

San Sebastian Maria Cristina Hotel food and wine tours spain

Be amazed by the beauty of the most elegant town in the Atlantic Coast

tondonia rioja wine tours spain

Enjoy exclusive access to some of the oldest wineries in Spain

Day 1

  • Panoramic drive through the vineyards of the Golden Mile of Ribera del Duero, the beginning of the best culinary tours in Spain
culinary tours ribera del duero grapes

Your culinary tour starts here...

Arrive at the Madrid airport in style with a private guide greeting you warmly for your culinary tour of Spain. You will be escorted to a luxury vehicle so that you can relax from the flight on a comfortable drive through the elegant Spanish countryside. The first segment of your 8 days in Spain will pass through the world-famous Ribera del Duero wine region.

All Eat Northern Spain culinary tours  begin in the Golden Mile area, which is at the very heart of the Ribera del Duero. Get settled into your first destination by spending the night at a Cistercian monastery from the 12th century. This well-preserved Spanish monastery features elegant architecture with stone walling, fine oak floors with Berber rugs accentuating the effect. The stunning scale of this impressive property becomes cozy and inviting with the addition of the tasteful décor.

This environment sets the stage for the first evening on your trip to a piece of Spanish paradise. Enjoy the time at your leisure, and spend some time becoming accustomed to the new sensations that will await you during every subsequent stage of your journey. The first dinner you experience will be served in the hotel’s exquisite à la carte restaurant. Prepare yourself to experience the sublime flavors of the local dishes that are served with the most careful culinary handling. This will top off the first day of the adventure of a lifetime.

Day 2

  • Take a drive in a 4x4 through the incredible Ribera del Duero vineyards, and savor a delicious afternoon picnic
rioja vineyards spain
  • Visit a traditional asador, and revel in the intense flavors of open-fire slow-cooked roasted lamb. A highlight of all our culinary tours in Spain.
culinary tours lamb ribera del duero spain
  • Get ready for a scenic drive up to the superb Peñafiel castle. Enjoy the astonishing vistas above the Ribera del Duero vineyards from a stately perspective.
peñafiel castle ribera del duero during our spain and food tours spain

On the second day of your culinary tour through the Spanish countryside, you will be treated to a delicious breakfast that will start the day’s adventures.

The views through this area of Ribera del Duero are breathtaking. These vineyards produce some of the finest wines in the world, and you will get to see the world-renowned wineries found on the route that is locally known as the golden mile. You will enjoy a visit to Abadia Retuerta, which is a hidden gem in this area. Wine lovers in this region know about the string of secluded wine estate that are found in the areas along the Duero river, which intersects the major lands in the north of Spain.

Visiting the amazing Abadía Retuerta consists of much more than a tour through a winery, this is a highlight on every culinary tour we . During this visit, you will instantly recognize that you’ve entered a very special place imbued with history. The grounds have been painstakingly maintained with great care and precision. Take in the unique terroir brimming with luscious vines and wine-production facilities. They represent a fascinating story that has unfolded over hundreds of years. The tour guide will take you through this narrative as you review the estate, vineyards and winery before finally tasting the most famous wines produced at Abadia Retuerta.

This visit ends with a drive to the top of a hill where Peñafiel’s castle awaits. The commanding views overlook the vineyards, and this is a special moment for anyone who is visiting the region. The full experience of gastronomy is much more than the sublime tastes and flavors of local cuisine and regional wines; it is a complete submersion into the ambiance and culture of production.

This journey really takes off when you first sample the signature dish of the region. The slow-cooked lamb dish called Lechazo uses an open flame roasting technique that is over a century old. This main course will accentuate the evening, which begins with some local specialty dishes as complementing appetizers. Such a fine culinary experience would hardly be complete without a superb red wine selected from the best regional vintages.

At the end of this amazing and luxurious luncheon experience, a highlight of any culinary tour in Spain, you can stretch your legs before going back to your hotel to use the rest of your day as you wish. Relax at the hotel's spa and indoor pool, or enjoy other activities that are available in the area.

Dinner will be served at the hotel’s à la carte restaurant as a memorable part of your food and wine tour of Spain.

Day 3

  • Experience the exclusive black truffle hunt with trained dogs. Only available on Eat Northern Spain culinary tours.
truffle hunting culinary tours spain

Culinary tours in Spain designed by locals

Breakfast is offered at the hotel prior to your departure to the unforgettable Spanish countryside. This will be an exceptional part of your journey that is sure to leave a lasting impression. Spain’s vast expanses of land are home to the largest sites of black truffle production. Truffles grow in the wild under massive oak tree forests. This incredible region produces one of the most expensive and fine mushrooms in the entire world. Authentic black truffle is a delicacy, and any gastronomic adventure in this region would be incomplete without participating in the hunt for truffles.

Travel up to the north-eastern area of Soria, which is a Spanish province that became famous for its high-quality black truffle. During this sojourn, you will get to hear about the history of the region and how its black truffles became a coveted delicacy. This trip will last for around two hours before arriving in the woods to meet the truffle hunter. Trekking shoes are recommended, but the terrain will accommodate normal walking shoes.

Accompany the trained dog and its truffle hunter on the trail of these exquisite treasures. Watch intently as this focused duo scour the floor of the forest for these small gourmet delights. The dog is absolutely adorable as it sniffs and searches for the truffles before striking gold and digging with great enthusiasm. At the completion of the truffle hunt, walk back to the truffle hunter’s house for a friendly drink and aperitif.  

This stage of the culinary tour can help you to really appreciate the incredible black truffle dishes that will be served for lunch in a fine dining local restaurant in the middle of nowhere. These local culinary artists will provide a delicious menu of items that include several selections made with black truffle. Enjoy the rare sensations of a true gastronome as you fully appreciate the quality of the meal and connect to the process of its creation. An unforgettable experience for foodies available only on Eat Northern Spain culinary tours.

The Castilla Termal Burgo de Osma Hotel is your next destination for the night. This hotel is located inside of the University of Santa Catalina, an emblematic building from the 16th century. Take a little time to admire the plateresque façade and the Renaissance cloister, which is enclosed in a formidable glass dome at the very heart of the structure. This area is the main social meeting area in the hotel.

This is a perfect time to enjoy some leisure or relaxation at the hotel’s on-site spa facility. Rejuvenate your body in the thermal pool, the water contrast circuit option or other thermal spa treatments. You will feel rested and energized just in time for dinner of savory local dishes served with class at the hotel’s restaurant.

Day 4

  • Embark on a guided tour of the oldest wineries in Spain.
tondonia rioja wine tours spain
  • Savor the delicious local cuisine served in the ambiance of a medieval monastery
hotel-los-agustinos-rioja wine tours spain

Your culinary tour continues and your guide and your driver will pick you up after your breakfast, and you will be transported along another scenic drive for a little over two hours. Once you arrive in the beautiful wine region of La Rioja, you will begin to discover why this is such a treat for the seasoned food and wine gastronome. Feast your eyes on the rolling hills saturated in vines, the charming medieval hamlets and the majestic sprawl of the Cantabrian Mountains in the background.

You will enjoy a guided visit to one of the oldest wineries in the entire region of La Rioja. The winery was crafted with the same precision and care used to plant the enduring variety of sprawling vegetation.  After learning these details through the tour, you will sample the fine wines in the company of aficionados within a beautifully serene atmosphere.  A highlight on all our culinary tours for wine aficionados.

The following destination is the old town of Haro. An intimate environment awaits you for the lunchtime experience within the imposing walls of an Augustinian monastery. Select your dishes from the menu of the Claustro de Los Agustinos. Choose a casual lunch of tapas, freshly prepared morsels or an elaborate cuisine.

An afternoon drive to the next hotel will offer you the perfect opportunity to indulge in another local tradition: The siesta! A 20-minute nap can be the perfect prelude to arriving at the Hotel Viura. The stone village called the Villabuena de Alava is an unassuming hamlet situated at the very heart of La Rioja. It has a small population of around 300 people, but it also has over 40 wineries.

Stop in the hotel’s wine shop to sample some of these incredible locally produced wines. Take a walk around the hotel premises to enjoy the floor-to-ceiling windows, modern rooms and elegant ambiance while dinner is prepared. Indulge in the most delicious combination of samples of locally produced fine wines and your favorite selections from the restaurant’s à la carte menu.

Day 5

  • Tour the Marqués de Riscal with a local guide who details the process of how the world’s best wines are made at this stunningly elegant winery
culinary tours marques de riscal winery by night
  • Enjoy lunch at a popular Laguardia restaurant enclosed by ancient walls built during the 13th century.
laguardia rioja culinary tours Spain

After breakfast, your driver will take you to the most spectacular winery in Elciego, which was constructed during the middle of the 18th century. The winery design by Frank Gehry keeps this traditional pride while maintaining an eye towards the future. This was a groundbreaking approach that visitors can appreciate during the wine tasting of vintages that are famous around the world.

Next to the winery, you will find probably the most beautiful town of the Rioja region and probably the mos unique during this culinary tour, LaGuardia. Built at the beginning of the 13th century, the whole urban centre of Laguardia is enclosed by walls. You will taste the region’s finest cuisines, a unique experience of this culinary tour in Spain.. Delicacies grown in the area’s fertile soils are served with fine regional wines. Stroll around the peaceful town after your meal, and wander the historic, artistic town centre before dropping by some of the local wine cellars for additional tastings. By late afternoon, you will be transferred back to your hotel room for a relaxing leisure period before dinner is prepared at the hotel’s à la carte restaurant.

Day 6

  • Visit the most famous museum in Northern Spain, the Guggenheim.
bilbao basque country culinary tours
  • Sample the comfort food and traditional Basque entrees as you explore the selective restaurants in the area.  A "must" on all our culinary tours.
free range chicken rice culinary tours spain

Begin your day with a delicious breakfast before checking out of the hotel. Your guide and your driver will take you to the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, which is a world-famous landmark designed by Frank Gehry, world-famous architect. The drive will take a little more than an hour before you arrive at the heart of Basque country. This vibrant city mixes the local traditions with modern architecture in a harmonious collaborative atmosphere. The Guggenheim exhibitions are world-renowned, so enjoy every moment of this notable experience.

Lunch takes place in a traditional Basque restaurant serving à la carte specialties including croquettes, kokotxas, steak and specially prepared Basque cod. The next stop is San Sebastian, which is known as the pearl of the area’s sea of Cantabrian and the most importante milestone of any culinary tour in Spain. This elegant coastal town features influences from the French Riviera. During the late part of the 19th century, this seaside town became a popular destination for aristocrats and royalty who came to the Bay of Biscay’s most southern point to soak up the sun and experience the nascent therapeutic trend of sea bathing.

The local boardwalks and cafés with open-air terraces overflowed with important people from high society. This gave them opportunities to be seen by other ranking members of their cliques while also looking for openings to spot others who ranked higher. This type of social bustling was incredibly popular during the period, and the remnants of that activity are still visible today.

Over time, San Sebastian has been transformed from a sleepy fishing village into a thriving cosmopolitan district. Today, the town features luxury accommodations, modern facilities and recreational options demanded by the most discerning of visitors and guests. The best hotels in Spain comprise a destination that is replete with charm, style and modern amenities. The urban blossoming of this area occurred during the height off the era known as the Belle Époque.

The buildings that flank the famous La Concha beach include city hall, Victoria Eugenia Theatre and the Hotel Maria Cristina. For two nights, you will lodge at the Maria Cristina, which was also constructed in the style of this exquisitely ornamented period. This is one of the finest hotels Spain has to offer, and it is sure to leave an impression in your mind whenever you think back to the momentous time you spent in San Sebastian. Take your time savoring the dinner meal of selected local specialties at a traditional Basque restaurant.

Day 7

  • Visit the local San Sebastian market, and go on a guided pintxos bar crawl, a highlight during all our culinary tours.
pintxo san sebastian food and wine tours spain
  • Enjoy delicious local foods and cider right from the barrel after experiencing a tour of an authentic cider house.
culinary tours cider tasting basque country

Where all our culinary tours end...

A tasty breakfast will prepare you for a walk around the pristine town of San Sebastian. The guide will pick you up from your hotel, and you will be taken on an in-depth tour of this amazing city. Magnificent mountains and sparkling beaches form the backdrop of this experience.

Learn about the history of the old town’s seemingly endless narrow streets, landmarks, churches and local architecture. Experience the amazing food culture, plazas and bars of San Sebastian. The walking tour includes the central farmers’ market where locals go daily for the freshest ingredients. The slow food culture is what makes the local dishes so tasty, which you will experience during a lunchtime featuring the popular pintxos bar crawl. Traditional bites will mix with the amazing taste of fresh pintxos made from locally sourced ingredients.

Stroll along the pristine beach of San Sebastian, and stop by a local bar for a cup of coffee or a drink. The rest of the afternoon is free for any recreation that suits your interests. During the final evening, you will get a real glimpse into the gastronomy of the Basque region. This part of the country is famous as a production site of apple cider. Embark on a guided tour of a traditional cider house just before your final dinner.

The final meal of your culinary tour sojourn will be incredible and memorable. Take your time making your selections from the traditional menu featuring local specialities like chorizo sausage cooked in cider, bone-in rib-eye steak, Basque cheese, salt cod omelette, salt cod with peppers, quince jelly, walnuts, almond tiles and even Tolosa cigarettes. Wash down your favorite dishes with fine local cider served right from the kupela, or barrel, which is a genuine txotx ritual from this region.

Day 8

At the end of your amazing culinary tour during 8 days in Spain, you will have acquired a real sense of the regional gastronomy. It’s finally time to say goodbye to Spain. Your driver will take you to the airport with plenty of time to catch your flight home. The last day in the Basque country is yours to enjoy at a leisurely pace. Shop for some souvenirs that will always remind you of the most amazing food and wine tours Spain.

Want to stay longer in the region? Do you want to change anything from the tour? Just hit "Request a Quote" and tell us your thought so we can arrange the perfect culinary tour for you.

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Madrid's airport

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Bilbao's airport

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In a word: everything. In eighty words? A private chauffeur tour guided by an English-speaking local guide, an interesting, fun and like-minded travel companion; authentic and innovative local cuisine; world-class local wines; wine tastings; all victuals and libations; all the endorphins you can handle; new insight; a feeling of total freedom. In short: an extraordinary, hassle-free journey of discovery. Travel at your own pace: Our tailor-made holidays are very flexible, allowing you to start road journeys or sightseeing when you choose – within reason.

  • All hotel accommodation
    • 2 nights -- RIBERA DEL DUERO - Monasterio Valbuena 5* 
    •    1 night -- SORIA -- Castilla Termal Burgo de Osma 4*
    • 2 nights -- RIOJA -- Hotel Viura 4*
    • 2 nights -- SAN SEBASTIAN -- Hotel Maria Cristina 5* GL
  • Daily breakfast at all the hotels.
  • All meals at Michelin-starred, signature and traditional restaurants and all other meals as indicated à-la-carte (6 lunches  & 7 dinners) with wines and drinks included à-la-carte (no fixed menus, you may choose from each restaurant's public menu what you want to taste).
  • All transportation from airport pickup to drop-off in a chauffeured air-conditioned brand-new vehicle: Mercedes Class E, V or luxury minibus. Your safety and comfort are paramount. You will enjoy touring Northern Spain in safety, comfort and style.
  • English speaking guide during the whole trip. Translator services and assistance at restaurants, hotels & experiences. We will break the language barrier for you so you can get the most out of your experiences during your trip.
  • All the experiences, visits and activities included in the itinerary.
  • 24h concierge service during the whole trip.
  • All baggage transportation. 
  • All gratuities for baggage, porters and hotel service.
  • All currently applicable taxes.

What’s not included?

  • International Flights
  • Medical Travel Insurance
  • Personal expenses

What to expect

  • A laid-back pace with free time to relax
  • Plenty of scrumptious local food and wine as well as time to really appreciate the dining experience