Northern Spain is a paradise for both nature and food lovers. You can enjoy a sunrise at the top of Picos de Europa National Park at 2.000 metres above sea level and savour a mouth-watering tasting menu by the beach during a spectacular sunset, all in the same day.

Welcome to “Picos de Europa” National Park. Its mountainous landscape leaves no doubt that – with apologies to the Pyrenees –  features Spain’s most stunning topography.

You will take a cable-car ride up to the top of the mountains where you can enjoy hundreds of well-marked hiking trails; many of them feel scarcely used, plunging you into a remoteness that helps you reconnect with nature.

At the heart of the mountains and only during summer, shepherds produce some of the best cheeses in the world. All the animals roam freely during the summer months in evergreen pastures eating anything but grass. This is what makes these cheeses so special.

After a short drive back down to sea level, you will experience a culinary adventure at a restaurant you will remember forever, the perfect place to boost inspiration, a powerhouse of creativity just by the turquoise waters of the Cantabrian Sea in Northern Spain with spectacular views.

A 2-Michelin-star Restaurant where emotions multiply, where you will be surprised and delighted at every bite, with a blend of fresh local flavours with an international touch.

To relax and unwind at the end of a day full of emotions and just a few kilometres away from the sea, you will recharge your batteries in a natural hot spring hotel hidden in the mountains of Picos de Europa.

A tranquil haven that will boost your spirit and will help you reconnect with nature with all the comforts of an upscale hotel.

A perfect day for a gourmet traveller during a short break in Northern Spain, combining the fresh air from the mountains and the relaxing atmosphere of the coastline while enjoying the best local food and accommodation in Cantabria.

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