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"Experience world-class service during our Spain and Portugal Tours while dining at top-notch restaurants. Visit the finest wineries in Europe, and enjoy the celebrity treatment every step of the way. An exclusive, customized adventure awaits you during the day, and fantastic hotels will comfort you at night. Avoid the stress and confusion of planning a tour around Spain and Portugal. Trust us to design for you an authentic immersive experience in the Iberian Peninsula.

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Maria Cristina Spain and Portugal best Hotel

Immerse yourself into the lively atmosphere of one of Spain's most elegant towns: San Sebastian

Picos de Europa Spain's National Park

Be surrounded by the beauty of the first National Park in Spain

Porto city Portugal Tour

Discover the history, food and culture of two different European countries in just one trip

Blue lobster culinary tour of Spain and Portugal

Savour local food with an innovative touch at the best restaurants in the region

Douro valley Portugal Tour

Enjoy Porto & the magical Douro Valley surrounded by vineyards

hotel room tour Spain and Portugal

Imagine yourself sleeping in some of the most unique hotels in Spain & Portugal

grapes rioja wine Spain and Portugal Tour

Be amazed by the beauty of Spain's world famous wine region: Rioja

pintxos bar crawl spain and portugal Tour

Picture yourself hanging out with the locals savouring Spanish "tapas" & Portuguese "petiscos"

marques de riscal rioja spain tour

Be inspired by the beauty of the most spectacular buildings designed by Frank Gehry

Day 1
  • All our Spain and Portugal tours start with a beautiful panoramic drive through the vineyards of the Rioja, where one of the best wines in the world are produced
ribera del duero vineyards tour of Spain and Portugal

Your Spain and Portugal itinerary starts here...

Arrive at the Madrid airport for the beginning of an incredible adventure. You will be greeted by your guide who will take you to a private luxury vehicle to begin your journey of one of the most inspiring Spain and Portugal Tours. Enjoy the scenery of elegant vineyards as you engage on a panoramic drive through Rioja. The finest wines in the world are produced at this location.

You will have time to recover from your flight by taking in the sight of gently rolling hills covered in vineyards, breathtaking views and landscapes. This region is absolutely stunning, and it is home to the world’s most famous wineries, which await your visit on the first stage of your itinerary.

The little town of Briñas is a hidden gem, intersected by the tortuous meanderings of the Ebro river. The historic buildings date back to the Roman period. This part of La Rioja has charming narrow streets speckled with stately manors, including the 16th century palace with views overlooking the Tondón vineyards.

The next two nights will be spent in a unique complex with a fascinating architectural structure. This will be your home where tradition and history combine together in a modern context of sustainability and innovation. Time seems to stand still in this peaceful environment. Your quaint abode is surrounded by mountains, vineyards and Old World charm. Visit the nearby wineries, which are only a few minutes from the hotel, in Haro, and are nearly seven centuries old. This is the perfect jumping-off point to delve deeply into the passionate world of wine.

Dinner will arrive after the day’s activities are done, so you can indulge your built-up appetite at the hotel’s very own à-la-carte restaurant. The most delicious wines produced in the Rioja region will be served with the utmost care and respectful appreciation.

Day 2
  • A traditional lunch in a local restaurant in LaGuardia, a medieval town enclosed by walls and built on the 13th century
laguardia rioja culinary tours Spain
  • A guided visit to Marqués de Riscal, a stunning winery producing one of the best wines in the world
marques de riscal rioja hotel in our Spain and Portugal tours

On your second day on your Spain and Portugal tour, breakfast will be served overlooking the lovely vineyards or la Rioja and the Ebro river, and afterwards you will be escorted to Marqués de Riscal. This is one of the oldest wineries in Spain where its prestigious name is renowned.

Marqués de Riscal is a place steeped in tradition, which set the foundations for its future success. Today, the traditions of the past mingle with the innovations of the future at the winery designed by Frank Gehry. This is the most famous site to be found at Marqués de Riscal. Its futuristic design is one of the most striking innovations driving the art of wine-making forward.

Colourful metal sheets decorate the exterior, and it stands out from other vineyards because of this futuristic look. Most vineyards typically display mute browns and greens, so this is a refreshing change of pace. Tour the winery, and sample some of the best vintages from this region. 

La Rioja, one of the highlights of our Spain and Portugal tours, offers visitors a tantalising glimpse into one of the most beautiful parts of Spain.

The villages and cities date as far back as the 13th century, and they are nestled amidst picturesque vineyards, languid rolling hills and stunning landscapesyour text here...

Enjoy the best La Rioja has to offer while exploring one of these 13th century storybook towns, La Guardia. Savor a flavorful lunch in the center of a town enclosed by ancient walls with expansive landscapes just outside. Take a leisurely walk afterwards, and stroll around the old city with a variety of wine cellars en route.

The rest of the day can be spent as you desire. Take some time to relax in your comfortable hotel room, or continue exploring this spectacular ancient city at a leisurely pace. Dinner will be served right in the hotel’s on-site restaurant. You will be treated to a fine culinary experience without the need for any more walking.

Day 3
  • Embark on a guided tour of one of Spain’s oldest wineries.
tondonia rioja wine tours spain
  • Enjoy a visit to the world-renowned Guggenheim Museum, a popular destination spot for global travelers.
guggenheim bilbao spain and portugal tour

Before departing Rioja, you will be served a fine breakfast and can look forward to visiting one of the oldest wineries in Spain where ancient wine-making techniques are still practiced. Traditional vinters cultivate the finest grapes, which are grown in the best soils in the country. They still use a time-tested method known to produce the best wines. The local master coopers are contracted to build the specialty barrels where the wine is aged to perfection.

You will enjoy your last meal in la Rioja before heading to your next destination on your journey: Bilbao. Your home for tonight will be located just in front of Bilbao’s most recognizable landmark: The Guggenheim Museum. Enjoy some free time to freshen up and for dinner,  you will be treated to a fine meal at a traditional Basque à la carte restaurant. Sample some of the specialties from the Basque region, which may include the Txuletón, which is a grilled steak, or the local Basque cod. You might also enjoy trying the popular ham "croquetas".

Day 4
  • Relax for two nights in a piece of history, an impressive 5-star hotel by the sea
Maria Cristina Spain and Portugal best Hotel

This morning after breakfast,  you will be escorted to enjoy a visit to the Guggenheim Museum, a spectacular museum and exhibition centre.

After the visit, you will immerse yourself into the vibrant atmosphere of this charming city with a walking tour of the historic centre, its Cathedral and old neighborhood as well as its central farmers market. This includes the Basque version of the traditional Spanish tapas, which is affectionately called the pintxos bar crawl. The walking tour includes stops at the local bars where you will enjoy sampling these unique environments with their intriguing delicacies.

After lunch, you will be driven to your next destination, San Sebastian. This city is considered to be one of the meccas of the culinary world. Its food culture and environmental bounties attract celebrities and gastronomes from countries all over the globe. It is situated on the lovely Bay of Biscay, and some of the best beaches in Spain are right here in San Sebastian. The farm-to-table concept of serving the freshest ingredients is taken to a new level with the traditional fishing and farming methods.

San Sebastian: Spain's most elegant town

Travelling all day is sure to build up your appetite, which will be satiated after you and your travel party are whisked away to the leading luxury hotel in Spain, the Maria Cristina, our travellers's favourite hotel of all our Spain and Portugal tours. This hotel is located between the ocean view and a sea-fed river that bisects San Sebastian. Charles Mewes designed the Maria Cristina hotel, and he was also the lead designer for both the Paris and Madrid Ritz hotels. Your hotel was inspired by turn-of-the-century architectural concepts, which provides a charming atmosphere. Within this ambiance, the hotel also offers incredible modern amenities that serve as a magnet for celebrity travelers who return for repeat visits. 

Settle into this idyllic paradise, and enjoy some time for rest and relaxation before heading to a local favorite restaurant serving traditional Basque cuisines. 

Day 5
  • Take a private tour of San Sebastian's farmers market during the early morning after a cinematic sunrise begins the new day.
Blue lobster culinary tour of Spain and Portugal
  • Visit the best bars in town on a pintxos bar crawl through the places only locals know about. An absolute must in all our Spain and Portugal Tours
pintxo san sebastian food and wine tours spain

Begin your day early if you wish to witness the panoramic view of the ocean during the breathtaking sunrise hour for the next stage of your Spain and Portugal tours. A world-class breakfast will be served at the fascinating environment of the Maria Cristina hotel, and you can absorb the views overlooking both the ocean on one side and the river on the other. This location was selected to provide guests with this refreshing and invigorating view of nature first thing in the morning.

The day’s activities will commence with a morning tour of the local central market, which is situated within downtown San Sebastian. Your local guide fluent in English provides an exclusive and insightful tour of the modern practices and ancient customs that permeate the historic fishing trade in this city.

The afternoon will be spent surrounding by the charm of the old city districts, which are famous for producing world-class pintxos, which is the local Euskera version of Spanish tapas. Bar hopping, sight-seeing and shopping options are available at your discretion. Your local guide will accompany you to ensure that you enjoy only the best local bars in the town.

The remaining time in the afternoon can be enjoyed by relaxing on a first-class beach, taking a surfing lesson, shopping or choosing any other activity you desire. The ocean views are idyllic and suitable for sipping drinks and lingering in the soothing breezes from the sea. Your dinner experience begins by being escorted to a unique and traditional Basque restaurant that serves world-class cuisine.

Day 6
  • Engage in a casual walking tour through the picturesque scenery of the Santillana del Mar
santillana del mar spain and portugal tours
  • Go on a sightseeing tour of Comillas, and enjoy a guided visit to Gaudí's El Capricho
capricho gaudi comillas spain and portugal tourcantabria northern spain

Today’s adventure begins after bidding farewell to the charm of San Sebastian en route to your next destination while touring Spain and Portugal, Santillana de Mar. This is a medieval village that became famous for the majestic architecture that oversee a breathtaking landscape. Your guide will reveal the most unique and consequential parts of the city before you depart for your next destination at the Art Nouveau city of Comillas.

Comillas is singular among the coastal cities of the north. The historic and modern architectural blend is a real treat for anyone who can appreciate the history of Spanish building designs. This incredible architecture is also on display in its remarkable Gaudí-designed building "El Capricho". A fresh coastal seafood lunch will be prepared right near the ocean for you to enjoy.

The rich history of Spain’s past is most palpable at your next stop, Asturias. This is the perfect location to commence your tour through the natural splendor of surrounding mountains and the nearby ocean.  Breathe some fresh air in some of the purest mountains along our tours of Spain and Portugal.

At the end of the day, your company will settle into a restored and recently refurbished palace from the 16th century, surrounded by 13.000 m2 of gardens and only 2 kilometres away from the charming seaside village of Lastres, one of the most beautiful villages in Spain.

Between the Cantabrian Sea and the Picos de Europa Mountains, in a privileged natural setting, among forests of yews, beeches, cherry trees, pines and hollies, this hotel is the ideal place to break away from the daily routine, far away from noise and pollution.

Enjoy a delicious evening meal at the hotel's á-la-carte restaurant.

Day 7
  • A visit to the local fishing port to see the fishermen arrive with the catch of the day.  
ship arriving port spanish coastal towns
  • Learn how to pour cider like a local during a cider house crawl that gets paired with the finest tapas the area has to offer.
Asturias cider bar crawl waiter pouring cider

After a delicious breakfast and an early morning dive into the sea, you will be driven to two of the most picturesque coastal villages in Spain, Ribadesella and Lastres.

Perched by the cliffs you will discover Lastres’ postcard-perfect lighthouse. Waiting quayside at Lastres’ fishing port, you will meet the fishermen as they arrive with their catch of the day.

You will learn how fishermen live in this region bringing the best fish and seafood to the local restaurants. You will have the opportunity to sample this sparkling-fresh produce in a local restaurant in this picturesque village.

After lunch, you will have the rest of the afternoon at your own leisure at your hotel.

Cider is the traditional drink of Asturias in Northern Spain, and it is an important part of the social life. For dinner, you will be escorted to a local cider bar and you will learn how to pour it like the locals do from a great height to allow the cider to breathe.

You will enjoy local tapas and plenty of cider during an unforgettable meal which will be the cherry on the cake for a full day of gastronomic experiences.

Day 8
  • Savor an artisan-style lunch of sparkling, freshly caught fish near the port.
private group tour
  • Evening accommodations are provided by a historic hotel next to Santiago's most impressive cathedral.
santiago de compostela cathedral galicia

Your Spain and Portugal itinerary tailored to you

Start the day right with an amazing breakfast prepared with mouth-watering ingredients and culinary skill. Check out of the hotel, and get ready to be escorted by your guide and  your driver to the next stop on the northern Spanish coastline, the Santiago de Compostela.

This is the city that is most famous for hosting the ancient religious pilgrimage known as the Camino de Santiago, which ends in the Santiago de Compostela. This city qualified as a protected site under UNESCO rules, and it won’t take very long to find out why it earned this status.

Before arriving, enjoy a fresh seafood lunch at Puerto de Vega, which represents a typical Spanish fishing village. Watch local fishermen arriving with their fresh catch of the day while you soak up the atmosphere of one of the most authentic experiences in all our Spain and Portugal Tours. At the end of the day, top it off with a relaxing night in the world’s oldest hotel, which is located in the main square of Santiago de Compostela. This 15th century hotel offers opulence and luxurious accommodation. A fine dinner featuring traditional recipes and modern culinary techniques will be served in a historic royal stable, the Restaurante dos Reis.

Day 9
  • Visit the Santiago de Compostela's lively farmers' market in the early morning, and discover the most interesting local delicacies.
galician seafood octopus
  • Take a tour to witness the inside of the lavish, formidable gothic cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.
Santiago de Compostela Cathedral

Begin your day with a sumptuous breakfast with a full view of Santiago de Compostela's signature gothic cathedral. The early morning culinary tour will take you to the central farmers' market where colorful ingredients and exotic aromas combine, creating an intense sensation of gastronomy. Tour the market’s selection of succulent ingredients. This includes fruits, vegetables, fresh seafood, Galician octopus and world-famous, dry-aged Galician blond beef.

Next, you will be taken on a behind-the-scenes tour of the cathedral. Learn about the history of the Camino, the cathedral and the religious history of Spain. Enjoy lunch in a local restaurant and savour a selection of Spanish tapas.

Enjoy your leisure afternoon hours exploring the city, which is accessible from your room. Dinner will take place at the hotel’s Michelin-starred restaurant, where your will be a guest at the chef’s table. Get an insider’s view into the most inspiring culinary techniques in this region.   A foodie heaven where we go on every Spain and Portugal Tour we organize.

Day 10
  • Prepare for a guided visit Ponte do Lima, Portugal's oldest town, a beautiful stop in the Portuguese countryside
ponte do lima portugal
  • Enjoy two nights at a historic luxury hotel in the old part of Porto next to the Douro river.
old port in Porto

Today, you will cross the border between two countries, no passport control needed as your tour of Spain and Portugal enters Portugal by road. Begin your day by turning back the clock one hour to adjust for the time difference. You will be taken on a drive from the coastal route of Spain to Porto, Portugal. The ancient port city has a long history of trade in port wine, and it is nestled on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean at the mouth of the Douro River. Before arriving in Porto, you will have lunch at Ponte do Lima, the oldes town in Portugal and home to the Vinho Verde wine region, a refreshing, fizzy white wine.

Get ready to spend the next two days within one of the most prestigious areas of Porto. The Ribeira historic district is a group of 18 buildings that are now identified as a single UNESCO World Heritage site.

Pick up a postcard featuring the hotel right in front of the Douro River. The ambiance of the historic buildings is created by combining both vintage and contemporary styles. Enjoy the luxurious and romantic atmosphere during your leisure time. Dinner takes place at a signature Portuguese restaurant serving local delicacies.

Day 11
  • Take in spectacular views along the scenic route following the Douro river with vistas full of vine-covered terraces.
Portugal Douro valley wine tasting
  • A private visit and wine tasting will take place in one of Porto's oldest manors.
porto wine lodge tours gaia grahams

Douro Valley | A delightful day in wine country

Today’s adventure starts with an exploration of the Douro Valley wine region, another milestone on all our Spain and Portugal Tours. This is now a UNESCO World Heritage site, and it has nearly 600,000 acres of land under cultivation. It produces equal quantities of port and table wines. Follow the picturesque trail alongside of the pristine Douro river, and allow the various look-out points to stun you with their natural splendor.

Next, you will enjoy a visit to a traditional vineyard and receive an in-depth explanation of the specific wine-making processes used in this region. This will be followed by an informed wine tasting. The process of making port wine is centuries old. The estate owners and wine producers will invite you to join an elaborate Northern Portugal lunch made from fresh seasonal dishes.

Enjoy your time in this private visit and wine tasting at one of the oldest port houses in the city. Learn about the history of this prized fortified wine that is produced exclusively in Portugal’s Douro Valley. Dinner is served at the hotel's restaurant, which is the best place for true connoisseurs of fine beef and superb wines to dine.

Day 12
  • Two charming towns, Coimbra and Tomar, await your visit en route to a fine wine tasting at one of Porto's oldest homes.  
Coimbra Portugal
  • Enjoy two nights in one of the most interesting hotels in Lisbon. This is a one-of-a-kind experience of luxury with modernist influences.  A hidden gem in all our Spain and Portugal tours.
skybar Lisbon spain and portugal tours

Bid farewell to the town of Porto, and enjoy your ride south to Lisbon through a scenic route. Portugal's oldest university, Coimbra, is the next stop en route to Lisbon. Students still wear the school uniforms that inspired the attire worn by actors in the Harry Potter film. The 18th-century library is also a UNESCO World Heritage site home, and it contains around 56,000 volumes dating from the 16th to the 18th century.

Indulge in a luncheon in the town of Tomar. This is one of the most fertile regions on the Iberian Peninsula. This town remains enclosed in the walls of the Convento de Cristo, which was built as a stronghold for the Knights Templar in the late 12th century.

The final hotel for this private tours Spain itinerary is located in central Lisbon, and it’s a major landmark. This grande dame hotel hosts celebrities, heads of state and even royalty. The luxury Anantara Spa will help you unwind, and the semi-tropical garden with a unique swimming pool creates an oasis where you can rejuvenate and relax.

Chiado provides plenty of opportunities for shopping in luxury stores in the Avenida da Liberdade, and sight-seeing in the city centre is always a popular choice. Dine at the Cervejaria Liberdade, and savor the finest fish and seafood sourced directly from the Portuguese coast.

Day 13
  • Enjoy an escorted walking tour of Lisbon’s oldest district
lisbon portugal yellow tram
  • Experience a sumptuous farewell dinner at one of Portugal’s finest restaurants
fine dining best restaurants in spain

A world-class breakfast will prepare you to explore the Alfama Quarter, which is Lisbon’s oldest district. The tram will take you on a memorable tour of this fascinating city with its fado bars, restaurants, steep streets and alleys.

Explore Lisbon’s main shopping and banking area, the Baixa. Discover the Jerónimos Monastery, a magnificent example of Manueline style architecture located in the Belem district. You might elect instead to start this day of exploration at the Moorish Quarter, and visit the medieval St. George’s Castle.

Pasteis de Belem provides you a chance to sample Lisbon’s famous custard pastry, the Pastel de Nata. Lunch consists of the Portuguese version of tapas, which is called petiscos. These are served in tascas, or the cafés and taverns called Petisqueiras, and they are accompanied by fine Portuguese wines.

Enjoy the leisurely afternoon at your discretion. Celebrate the final portion of your Spain and Portugal tour at a top-tier restaurant in style.

Day 14
bespoke tours northern spain

Spain and Portugal: a tour to remember

Bidding farewell to Spain & Portugal might consist of shopping for souvenirs and enjoying some time in the Lisbon at a leisurely pace. Your driver will ensure that you arrive ahead of time at the airport to take your flight back home. This incredible experience of authentic gastronomy is sure to stay with you for many years to come after your memorable. An unforgettable Spain and Portugal Tour is completed but it will stay in your memories forever.

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In a word: everything. In eighty words? A private chauffeur Spain and Portugal tour guided by an English-speaking local guide, an interesting, fun and like-minded travel companion; authentic and innovative local cuisine; world-class local wines; wine tastings; all victuals and libations; all the endorphins you can handle; new insight; a feeling of total freedom. In short: an extraordinary, hassle-free journey of discovery. Travel at your own pace: Our tailor-made holidays in Spain and Portugal are very flexible, allowing you to start road journeys or sightseeing when you choose – within reason.

  • All hotel accommodation
    • 2 nights -- RIOJA - Hotel Tondon Palace 4* 
    •    1 night -- BILBAO -- Hotel Gran Domine 5*
    • 2 nights -- SAN SEBASTIAN - Hotel Maria Cristina, Luxury Collection 5*
    • 2 nights -- ASTURIAS -- Palacio de Luces 5*
    • 2 nights -- SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA -- Parador de los Reyes Católicos 5* GL
    • 2 nights -- PORTO -- The Lodge Hotel 5*
    • 2 nights -- LISBON -- Tivoli Avenida Liberdade 5* / Palacio da Anunciada 5*
  • Daily breakfast at all the hotels.
  • All meals at Michelin-starred, signature and traditional restaurants and all other meals as indicated à-la-carte (12 lunches  & 13 dinners) with wines and drinks included à-la-carte (no fixed menus, you may choose from each restaurant's public menu what you want to taste).
  • All transportation from airport pickup to drop-off in a chauffeured air-conditioned brand-new vehicle: Mercedes Class E, V or luxury minibus. Your safety and comfort are paramount. You will enjoy touring Northern Spain in safety, comfort and style.
  • English speaking guide during the whole trip. Translator services and assistance at restaurants, hotels & experiences. We will break the language barrier for you so you can get the most out of your experiences during your trip.
  • All the experiences, visits and activities included in the itinerary.
  • 24h concierge service during the whole trip.
  • All baggage transportation. 
  • All gratuities for baggage, porters and hotel service.
  • All currently applicable taxes.

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  • Medical Travel Insurance
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  • Plenty of scrumptious local food and wine as well as time to really appreciate the dining experience