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parador santiago de compostela room

Imagine yourself sleeping in two of the most iconic hotels in Spain.

red grapes ribeira sacra mencia

Discover one of the most beautiful wine regions in Spain, "Ribeira Sacra", with terraced vineyards carved into steep slopes.

centollo crab galicia

Explore Rias Baixas, Spain's main supplier of seafood & shellfish.

fish market santiago de compostela

Brush shoulders with the locals during an early morning visit to Santiago's farmers market

pilgrims santiago de compostela

Immerse yourself into a unique atmosphere in Santiago de Compostela where hundreds of pilgrims arrive every day.


Savour Spain's tastiest destination at Michelin-starred restaurants offering innovative creations with local products.

ship arriving port

Leave the everyday behind and chat with local fishermen while they bring the catch of the day to port.


Come on board to visit mussel farms along the coast and learn how mussels, scallops and oysters grow at the "Rias Baixas".

santiago de compostela cathedral galicia

Be inspired by the beauty of Santiago de Compostela's Gothic Cathedral,  a stunning architectural masterpiece.

Day 1

Exclusive Eat Northern Spain experiences:

  • Guided stroll around old monasteries hidden in a forest of chestnut trees by the river Sil
ribeira sacra monastery private tour

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We begin our time together with a scenic drive to Ribeira Sacra: a sacred land of wines and a paradise for wine lovers.

Ribeira Sacra, at the heart of Galicia in Northern Spain, has one of the biggest concentrations in Europe of cultural heritage dated from the 12th century. A stroll around old monasteries in the middle of a forest of chestnut trees by the River Sil will be an inspiring activity for a sunny afternoon.

At the end of the day, you will retire to the contemporary elegance of your hotel; a converted monastery that dates back to the 7th century. This peaceful retreat combines ancient beauty with luxury hotel service and stunning boutique rooms.

You will be delighted with delicious Galician cuisine at the hotel's spectacular restaurant located in what was once the monastery stables.

Day 2

Exclusive Eat Northern Spain experiences:

  • Guided Boat Cruise along the river Sil surrounded by vineyards
sil river canyon galicia
  • A guided walk along the terraces where the vines grow and a wine tasting in one of the best wineries in Ribeira Sacra
red grapes ribeira sacra mencia
  • A tour inside Santiago de Compostela's impressive Gothic Cathedral
santiago de compostela cathedral galicia

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After a breakfast of local specialities in one of the hotel's incredible cloisters you will see the area from a different perspective.  You will visit a winery in the area with a privileged situation high at the top of the banks of the river Sil. After a lovely walk through the vines you will learn how wines are produced inside the winery.

After marvelling at the breathtaking views of the River Sil Canyon, you will take a cruise along its still waters. 

As you journey along the river, you will learn how wines are produced from the vineyards that stretch along the terraces above you, and then transported by boat to be transformed into wine.

After a delicious local lunch in a family-run restaurant you will say goodbye to the Ribeira Sacra and you will be driven to Santiago de Compostela, the capital of the Galicia region, Northern Spain’s most iconic city. This UNESCO Heritage Site is the final stop on the epic Camino de Santiago pilgrimage trail; its unique atmosphere, history and cobbled streets draw thousands of visitors each year.

You will enjoy a tour inside Santiago's world famous Gothic Cathedral, and the culmination of the Camino de Santiago for hundreds of pilgrims who arrive everyday to hug Apostle Santiago.

For dinner, you will experience a unique and highly personal dining experience that takes you behind the scenes. Taking your seat in the Chef’s kitchen, you’ll relish this Michelin-starred culinary treat. Enjoy a conversation with your Chef as he prepares and cooks your tailored tasting menu in front of you.

After dining in style, it’s time to retire to the world’s oldest hotel. Situated in Santiago de Compostela's main square,  in front of the Cathedral,  this 15th-century hotel will wrap you in opulent luxury. 

Day 3

Exclusive Eat Northern Spain experiences:

  • An early morning visit to Santiago de Compostela's lively farmers' market to discover local delicacies
  • A guided walk along white-sand pristine beaches for a relaxing afternoon
galician beach rias baixas

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After a reinvigorating sleep, you will savour a sumptuous breakfast with breath-taking views of Santiago de Compostela's Gothic Cathedral.

You will experience an early morning culinary tour of the central farmers' market where colours and aromas combine to create an intoxicating gastronomic experience. There you will find only the most succulent fruit and vegetables, freshest seafood, Galician octopus and the world famous dry-aged Galician Blond Beef.

A short-drive  out of Santiago de Compostela will transport you to a spectacular paradise of pristine beaches and charming coastal villages : Rias Baixas, Spain's biggest supplier of shellfish and seafood.

You will enjoy a gastronomic journey at one of the best restaurants in Spain as you sample world-class dishes from its tasting menu that combine local produce with tradition and innovation.

After an unforgettable meal, you will relax in a pristine withe-sand beach before checking in to a spectacular waterfront hotel & spa where you can be watching fishermen bring the catch of the day to port from the comfort of your own room.

Day 4

Exclusive Eat Northern Spain experiences:

  • Boat tour to visit the "bateas" (mussel, scallop & oyster farms) with mussels & oysters tasting on board paired with local white wine
mussels tasting rias baixas

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Your morning will start with a mouth-watering breakfast with a view. After that, you can enjoy a relaxing time in the hotel spa and outdoor pool.

You will also enjoy a boat cruise along the estuary to learn how mussels, scallops and oysters are cultivated in farms along the coast. During the trip you will visit one of these farms called "bateas" and you will sample on board mussels & oysters paired with local white wine.

You will then be driven to the airport in time for your flight home after an unforgettable holiday.

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