Have you ever tried Spanish dry-aged Galician Blond Beef? Did you know that it is internationally acclaimed as the best beef in world?

The distinctive character of the beef is a deep rich flavour, which is provided by the age of the cows and oxen at slaughter, when they are at least eight years old. Then, beef is dry-aged for around 100 days before serving. The high marbling is supported by the deep red colour of the beef and a distinctive thick yellow fat.

Enjoy a delicious Galician Blond steak cooked over an open flame in Santiago de Compostela, at the heart of the Galicia region. Discover a magical town, the culmination of the world-famous “Camino de Santiago”. Join hundreds of pilgrims at its famous gothic Cathedral and take part of a singular ceremony: “The Botafumeiro”.

As your day draws to a close, you will retire to a 18th century convent, now transformed into a singular hotel in a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A full day of emotions that combine one of Spain’s food delicacies, Galician Blond Beef, with a tour of Northern Spain’s most iconic towns, Santiago de Compostela.

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jamon iberico tasting ham carving master in León Northern Spain

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