Have you ever tried Spanish dry-aged galician beef or "Rubia Gallega"? Did you know that it is internationally acclaimed as the best beef in world?

The distinctive character of the beef is a deep rich flavour, which is provided by the age of the cows and oxen at slaughter, when they are at least eight years old.  Besides fresh grass most of the year, both cows and oxen or "bueyes" as they’re called in Spain, get to nibble the leaves of oak trees, the same that produce the acorns fed to Spain’s prized Iberico pigs.

Then, beef is dry-aged for around 100 days before serving. The high marbling is supported by the deep red colour of the beef and a distinctive thick yellow fat. You can really taste the grass and the maturity of the animal. It’s really quite different to a lot of the beef you can find anywhere else in the world.

galician beef best steak in the world
galician beef tasting plate

Enjoy a delicious galician beef steak cooked over an open flame in Santiago de Compostela, at the heart of the Galicia region. Discover a magical town, the culmination of the world-famous “Camino de Santiago”. Join hundreds of pilgrims at its famous gothic Cathedral and take part of a singular ceremony: “The Botafumeiro”.

As your day draws to a close, you will retire to a 18th century convent, now transformed into a singular hotel in a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A full day of emotions that combine one of Spain’s food delicacies, galician beef, with a tour of Northern Spain’s most iconic towns, Santiago de Compostela.

Enjoy the best beef in the worlg, galician beef, during all our tours of Northern Spain and you will even visit some of the farmers who breed these impressive animals in the middle of the Spanish countryside. Click below for more info about what to discover in a private tour in Northern Spain

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