In this experience we visit Cedeira, one of the most charming fishing villages of Galicia in the quest for one of Spain’s most expensive seafood delicacies, Percebes, Galicia's food at its best. The look like dinosaur fingernails or turtle's feet but they live on the rough coast of Northern Spain and locals risk their lives catching this precious gem.

Galicia is the region of Spain where you go to eat the best shellfish in the country. Galician food is based around what the sea gives us everyday and this weird-looking creatures are hard to catch but a pleasure to enjoy just boiled a few minutes on salted water.  They work perfect as a snack before diving deep on another Galician seafood delicacies like blue lobster, langoustines, red shrimps, clams, octopus, mussels and a wide choice of fish.

You will visit the fish market to see the day’s haul be auctioned before discovering the best way to eat them - accompanied by a glass of local wine while looking out over the ocean. Locals say that eating this seafood delicacies is like kissing the ocean right on the lips. Do you agree? Have you every tried them?

After lunch, it’s time to take a relaxing stroll along one of Europe’s most stunning beaches, Cathedral beach, famous for its impressive rock formations and pristine sea.

In the evening you retire to your boutique hotel, surrounded by nature, where you can relax and unwind, ready for your next adventure. Enjoy a sneak peek video of a full-day experience in Galicia.

When you travel the back roads of this region you know that Galicia has so much to offer to the discerning traveller: their people, the food, the coast, the Camino de Santiago... and you can cross the border to Portugal to continue discovering our neighbour country on the same trip

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