Your adventure starts by the stunning coast of Northern Spain where you will start a tour to some of the most amazing lighthouses along Northern Spain’s dramatic coastline. Handsome constructions that watch over the coast, inviting us to discover its cliffs, beaches, islands and beautiful fishing villages. Discover the origins of the lights in the night over the Atlantic Ocean, in the purest Green Spain.

On your journey through this maritime region, you will find a multitude of lighthouses, simple constructions that are oases of peace, witnesses to shipwrecks and saviours of mariners, many of which are still in use.

For lunch, you will experience a culinary adventure in one of the best restaurants in Spain Annua, the perfect place to boost inspiration, a powerhouse of creativity just by the turquoise waters of the Cantabrian Sea in Northern Spain with spectacular views. A culinary haven far from prying eyes.

A 2-Michelin-star Restaurant where emotions multiply, where you will be surprised and delighted at every bite, with a blend of fresh local flavours with an international touch.

Your accommodation for today will be a Medieval tower, now transformed into a world-class hotel, offering an elegant atmosphere over three floors, topped with a rooftop terrace; the perfect vantage point from which to enjoy a glass of wine as you soak up the stunning view over Northern Spain’s coastline.

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jamon iberico tasting ham carving master in León Northern Spain

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