Welcome to La Dehesa in Spain: where all the magic happens to produce the best ham in the world. During this fabulous adventure in Northern Spain you will discover why Acorn Ibérico Ham or Jamón Ibérico de Bellota is the finest Ham in the world. You will visit “La Dehesa”, a stunning natural landscape where Iberian Pigs roam freely. Pigs diet is based on acorns that fall from the holm and cork oaks during the “Montanera” period.

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jamon iberico plate sliced by knife

Best Ham in the World, Ibérico Ham or Jamón Ibérico de Bellota comes from “Happy Pigs” which get anything they crave from the Spanish Mediterranean forest where they live.

After a visit to “La Dehesa” in Spain you will indulge yourself into the best way to taste this gastronomic jewel: hand-carved by knife by a Ham Carving Master Professional. Thin slices with a sweet, nutty flavour and marbled with the best fat: omega 9 unsaturated fat, a healthy complement to your diet.

Enjoy how a ham is hand-carved and a plate of ham is presented with love and flair to your table. The ultimate Iberico Ham experience.

At the end of the day, after a full day in la Dehesa in Spain, you will relax in a charming country hotel with good wine, organic cuisine and a spa. Hacienda Zorita is a small wine hotel and spa on the estate of a former Dominican friary, 230km northwest of Madrid. Set beside the River Tormes, it has its own organic farm close by and is a place to wind down and embrace the values of the global ‘slow food’ movement (slowfood.com).

This unique hotel sits in the Duero Valley surrounded by vineyards and organic farms. Rooms are traditional and rustic with blankets embroidered with ‘Z’s and cocoa-coloured tiled bathrooms in keeping with the brown beams and wooden furniture. There are only 40, all at ground level, so it feels like being part of a little village, a sense heightened when you sit in one of the sunny courtyards dotted around and gaze at the rows of vines or the river Tormes.

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Enjoy a two-night stay in this property and experiences around Ham and wine during our Spain & Portugal Tours and you will tick-off two countries from your bucket list in just one trip. Click below to see the full itineraries. An remember that all our tours are private for you and your loved ones and we can tailor your trip to your plans.

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