Indulge yourself into the signature dish of Northern Spain's greatest wine regions: Ribera del Duero: roasted lamb cooked over a wood fire, the local name is "lechazo".

The best town to give yourself a treat with this delicacy is Burgos, a spectacular town located along the world-famous pilgrim route, The "Camino de Santiago" with a stunning Gothic Cathedral and the resting place of El Cid.

burgos cathedral
lechazo roasted lamb burgos food and wine tours spain

 Your gastronomic journey begins with an opportunity to sample the signature dish of the Ribera del Duero region, roast lamb slow-cooked using a centuries old technique, the local name is "Lechazo". Of course, your meal would not be complete with an accompanying red wine from the region.

 After your delicious meal, you’ll be cast back in time with a visit to the Human Evolution Museum. Here you will witness incredible examples of the earliest evidence of humans from the world-famous archaeological sites of Atapuerca.

 After feasting on ‘Lechazo’, sampling delicious wines and a look back at our history, it’s time to retire to your hotel to continue your journey through time. A magnificent 14th-century medieval castle awaits you. Sensitively renovated, its stone staircases, opulent ceilings, and luxurious rooms will make you feel like royalty. Relax for the rest of the day in the indoor swimming pool, one of the most beautiful pools in the world.

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