Santander, the pearl of the Cantabria region in Northern Spain, is a foodie paradise where it is hard to have a bad meal.

Here, Spanish "Tapas" are served in the form of "Pinchos". Do you know the difference between "Pinchos" & "Tapas"? They are both part of Spanish small food culture and while "Tapas" are small portions of food to share, "Pinchos" are bite-size food masterpieces often served on a slice of bread and have a cocktail stick in them, a delicious Spanish version of finger food.

 You will enjoy an evening of gathering with your friends or family to eat, drink and be merry, a fundamental part of the fabric of social life in Spain. "Pinchos" line every bar in town, but knowing where to find the best ones is an art that needs local knowledge. Without a passionate foodie local with you, you would choose bars at random and pointed to what you would see on the counter, but often the "specials" aren't on display.

But before a night of eating and drinking unlike any you’ve ever experienced, you will discover one of the most stunning places along Northern Spain's dramatic coastline. A stroll to the "Horse Lighthouse", an impressively beautiful lighthouse perched on the cliffs surrounded by clear blue waters. You will walk down the stairs carved into the rock to access this hidden gem to enjoy spectacular views over the ocean.

To make the day even more memorable you will stay in a five-star hotel, a palace which towers over the bay of Santander, one of the most beautiful bays in Spain. From the comfort of your own room you will be delighted by breath-taking views over Santander's bay. This will be the perfect vantage point from which to enjoy a glass of wine as you soak up the stunning view.

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  1. Reading my emails “Eat Northern Spain” is definitely igniting my enthusiasm for travelling to Spain. It’s a country I have not explored as I am mainly put off by mass tourism and quite frankly frightened of ending up in the Loret de Mar type location.
    Maybe now it is time for planning my trip to the Spain I am sure I would fall in love with.

    • Thank you very much for your comment, Marina. I’m glad our work ignites your desired to visit Spain. The region where we work in Northern Spain is completely out of the radar of mass tourism. It’s a completely different Spain from what everybody have in their minds about crowded beaches, burn-hot sand and “sangria and beer”. By the way, do you know that Spaniards never drink sangria?
      If you want to have a truly immersive experience in Spain, visit UNESCO World-Heritage Sites, enjoy authentic local food & wine and live Spain like a local, please send me an email and I will craft for you a private tour of Spain. I would be honoured.