Northern Spain’s rugged coastline is home to many fishing villages. In this experience we visit a lively fishing town in the quest for one of Spain’s most expensive seafood delicacies, Percebes.

You will visit the fish market to see the day’s haul be auctioned before discovering the best way to eat them – accompanied by a glass of local wine while looking out over the ocean.

Because eating an oyster is like kissing the ocean right on the lips, you will also enjoy an exclusive tour of Northern Spain’s premier oyster beds where you’ll learn how they are cultivated and classified. Once back on dry land you will be taught the correct way to open them before sampling them with a cold glass of local cider.

With breathtaking views over the three coastal capes of Busto, Vidío and Peñas, your hotel for this day combines modern and traditional architecture to create a delightful homely rustic charm.

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