From the coastal hamlets of Asturias to the mountain villages of the Basque Country you will find “asadores”, family-run restaurants powered by fire and protein, where meals consist of flame-grilled fish and plenty of wine.

“Güeyu Mar”, a temple for seafood lovers, is been awarded by Opinionated About Dining as one of the Top 100 Restaurants in Europe because it is a place where world-class seafood and unimpeachable technique conspire to ruin you for all other grilled food going forward.

Hidden in the back roads of Asturias, an evergreen region nestled by the Cantabrian Sea, you will find the best fish and seafood grilled over an open wood fire.

Work your way through the tasting menu, a feast for your senses where you will savour sardines, oysters, lobster, turbot and grouper and its speciality, the big-bellied king fish.

After a delicious meal, you will go for a stroll to one of the most picturesque coastal villages in Spain, Lastres.

Perched by the cliffs you will discover Lastres’ postcard-perfect lighthouse. Waiting quayside at Lastres’ fishing port, you will meet the fishermen as they arrive with their catch of the day.  Click below to discover more.

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