Asturias, in Northern Spain, is home to the largest population in Europe of wild brown bears living in the wild.

You will be part of an expedition guided by local experts where you will have the chance to admire these magical animals from a vantage point where they don’t feel threatened or disturbed.

April, May, August and September are the best months to watch them in the wild.

For lunch, you will discover a hidden gem the locals don’t want you to know about.  Far from prying eyes is a restaurant that few outsiders know about. Here you will sample its mouth-watering signature dish, free-range chicken rice.

On this culinary adventure, you will be in search of ‘Pitu de Caleya’, free-range chicken. But this isn’t just any free-range chicken; it is the most delicious in Northern Spain, which is why the locals want to keep it for themselves.

Finally, your day ends at a at 16th-century palace, which has been lovingly converted into a luxury hotel. Its opulent interiors and beautiful antiques create a relaxing atmosphere — the perfect way to unwind while you enjoy spectacular views over the mountains of this evergreen region.  Discover this region during our Best Northern Spain Tour, pick your dates and start exploring Spain in style.

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