Bears in Spain: an unforgettable experience for the animal & nature lover

Asturias in Northern Spain is home to the largest population in Europe of wild brown bears living in the wild on the mountains of this natural paradise.

You will be part of an expedition guided by local experts where you will have the chance to admire these magical animals from a vantage point where they don't feel threatened or disturbed. April, May, August and September are the best months to watch them in the wild.

Cider is the traditional drink of Asturias in Northern Spain, and it is an important part of the social life.

You will learn how to pour it like the locals do from a great height to allow the cider to breathe during a cider bar crawl. All paired with local tapas at the best cider houses.

Hidden in the green mountains you will find a tranquil haven. A historic building now beautifully restored into a luxury hotel will be the perfect place to relax at the end of a day full of emotions.

You can relax at the hotel's spa or give yourself a treat of local specialities at the hotel's signature restaurant.

You can add this spectacular experience to your trip to Spain when booking any of our 1 or 2 week private tours in Northern Spain.  A two night stay in the mountains of Northern Spain is what you need to experience watching bears in Spain while you indulge in the most delicious comfort food in the country.  Click below and choose your favourite itinerary from our selection of best-sellers and request a quote with your thoughts. We will adapt any of the tours to your desires and we will include a bear-watching experience. Do you know that you can combine bear and wolves in the wild in this region? Wolves are hard to see but the expertise of local conservationists, it is possible to enjoy them in the wild. 


  1. We travel to Spain by car most years and want to explore the forests and see Bears Lynx and Wolves, if there are any Wolves there?

    We would like a 3 day tour


    • Eat Northern Spain

      Hello David. Thank you for your comment. We do have wolves very close to the region where you can find bears also so we can arrange a tour to enjoy these to magnificent mamals in a short break. I will send you all the information by email.

      De nada. Un placer.