Best Steak in the world at Bodega El Capricho in Spain: a paradise for meat lovers

The film Steak Revolution proclaimed the “Galician Blond” steak from Bodega El Capricho as the best steak in the world.

Welcome to Bodega El Capricho in Spain, a family-run farm house and grill restaurant acclaimed by the international press like Time, the Guardian, Stern or New York Times, to be the best place in the world to eat the perfect steak.

best steak in the world galician blode el capricho spain
el capricho spain best steak in the world farm visit

Are you ready to enjoy the most intense meat experience of your life in a remote village on the back roads of Northern Spain? Your journey will start with a trip along a beautiful stretch of land in North-western Spain in a small village called Jimenez de Jamuz.

El Capricho’s owner José Gordón raises his own oxen from different Iberian native breeds in a piece of land where you can touch these enormous animals with up to seven feet tall, 1.400 kgs and up to 15 years old. Then the meat is dry-aged in temperature-controlled refrigerators to enhance its flavours up to 180 days.  

Producing the best steak in the world doesn’t come cheap. José estimates each animal costs nearly 3,000 € a year, in a combination of its feed, hoof care and vet bills, which is at least twice the cost of traditional farming.

cecina by bodega el capricho spain
galician blonde best steak in the world

After a visit to the farm to admire the oxen you will immerse yourself into an unforgettable experience of intense flavours at the restaurant, placed in a cave used hundreds of years ago as a wine cellar.

A slower, longer approach to raising cattle and then ageing their carcasses is popular in this Spanish region where we appreciate the mature flavor that comes with older meat, you can really taste the grass and the maturity of the animal. It’s really quite different to a lot of the beef that you may eat somewhere else.

We consider José Gordón as a friend and when you visit Bodega El Capricho with Eat Northern Spain you don't just visit another restaurant, you visit José's home and you are welcomed as family. You will arrive at Jimenez de Jamuz at 11:00 am and you won't leave till 5 pm, a 6 hour visit of the farm, the winery, the cured meats, the restaurant carved under the ground in a cave and a full tasting menu of all the best cuts of this spectacular meat paired with Spanish reds. No worries about driving after the meal: your driver will be waiting for you for a short drive to your next destination while you enjoy a delicious spanish "siesta".

What would you eat on your last meal on earth? If a steak is the answer for you, you should add Bodega El Capricho in Spain to your bucket list. A grill temple where to eat the best steak in the world, a shrine of smoke and fire in Northern Spain.  Do you want to discover it during a private visit with us and enjoy the best steak in the world and much more? Click below, pick your an itinerary and we will design an unforgettable trip for you.


  1. This would be a challenge to see if it is the steak,but which wine to drink with it?

  2. One of, if not the greatest meals of my life. A pilgrimage worth making.

  3. We want to come and eat this meat we live in South Africa

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