Truffles in Spain are hard to find, and we are on a quest to discover the most glorious truffle in the country: the Black Truffle or "Tuber Melanosporum". Are you in?

Did you know that Spain is the world's biggest producer of black truffle? Yes we are, and not only we produce a lot but also the quality of this gastronomic gem is spectacular.

During winter season, you will be part of an amazing full-day experience.  Hidden under the roots of oak trees in the middle of the Spanish Peninsula, you will join a quest in search of the most precious black truffle called "Tuber Melanosporum". There are truffles all year round in different parts of Spain but the winter truffle as it is called is by far the most exquisite in terms of smell and flavour.

Will you imagine yourself guided by one of the dogs specialists in finding truffles in the middle of the Spanish countryside? Look no further, you will enjoy the ultimate experience in Soria: start the morning with a walk in the woods of this region in search of black truffle guided by expert dogs trained to help you find it while you enjoy a nice outdoor morning, an easy hike for all.

After the find you will reward yourself with a tasting menu at one of the best restaurants in the region. Her chef masters the technique of combining black truffle with the most delicious local delicacies. You will never forget the smell and taste of all her creations with black truffle.

At the end of the day, and to relax and detox you will be escorted to your home for the night at the medieval village of Burgo de Osma, you will sleep in an emblematic building from the 16th century, the ancient University of Santa Catalina. The building is still preserving the majesty with its plateresque facade and its Renaissance cloister, enclosed by a great glass dome as centre of the building, which today is the social meeting place of the hotel.

Underneath the Renaissance patio and its huge glass dome, you will find the thermal area is home to a thermal pool, contrast circuits and a thermal treatment zone for you to relax and unwind for the rest of the day.

This experience designed to enjoy truffles in Spain at its best is part of our 8-Day Tour The Best Culinary Tour of Spain. Click on the button below to view the full itinerary.


  1. Hi
    We are staying at Zaragoza city from 28 Dec till 1 Jan.
    We are looking for a day tour during one of those days to truffle hunting. Do you offer this? Or can you recommend us to someone? We have our own car for transport.

    • Thank you for reaching out. We exclusively offer these experiences during our multi-day trips around Northern Spain with a minimum length of 8 days and they have to be booked well in advance. Sorry we can’t help. Enjoy your time in Zaragoza, it is a great place. Merry Christmas!!!!

  2. More details please.
    Costs etc