Cabrales in Spain is a breathtaking region hidden in the mountains of  Asturias, a beautiful evergreen region in Northern Spain. We invite you to discover "Cabrales", a delicious blue cheese birthed in the natural caves of the "Picos de Europa", Northern Spain's biggest National Park.

You will have the opportunity to go for a hike to one of the most stunning caves where this cheese is aged and you can help the cheese-maker transport a few wheels of this delicacy from the farm to the cave.

Once inside the cave, you will learn from the artisan cheese-maker how "Cabrales" is aged naturally surrounded by stalagmites and tufas.

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Picos de Europa Spain's National Park

A cheese tasting paired with wine and with stunning views over the mountains will be the cherry on the cake to an unforgettable morning for a cheese lover. Cabrales in Spain is a region you will never forget, after that, it will be difficult to go back to regular cheese from your local supermarket.

Down into the valley, an authentic experience will be waiting for you, a tour at one of the oldest farmers markets in Spain where farmers and shepherds gather every week to sell their organic products in a lively market.

Brush shoulders with the locals to sample delicacies like chorizo, homemade cider, artisan cheeses, dried beans and a rainbow of sparkling-fresh vegetables.

Finally, your day ends at a at 16th-century palace, which has been lovingly converted into a luxury hotel. Its opulent interiors and beautiful antiques create a relaxing atmosphere -- the perfect way to unwind while you enjoy spectacular views over the mountains of this evergreen region.

Add this unique experience to your holiday in Northern Spain. Discover our ready-to-book itineraries and we will tailor any of them to your desires. Click below and learn more about what we have for you.


  1. Hi, I’m really interested in these out of the ordinary experiences, I would like an idea of cost please

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