Enjoy one of the most memorable meals of your life at "Casa Marcial", a family-run restaurant awarded with two Michelin stars by chef Nacho Manzano (Head Chef of Iberica Restaurants in the UK) at the gates of Picos de Europa National park, in Asturias, the Spain beyond your imagination.

Because, what is the Spain you see when you close your eyes? Do you see pans like sewer caps paved in grains of golden rice? A heaving breath of a bleeding bull? A land of everlasting sun and sand? This is no doubt the Spain tattooed on the inside of your eyelids.

But this is not what Asturias is: this is a land of arresting beauty, of snaking rivers pink with running salmon, mountain lakes like water bowls for wild horses and towering peaks that tumble into the ocean.

"Casa Marcial" is what you find when you get lost in Asturias, the kind of place where you would stop for an accidental lunch and tuck into the meal of your life. A lesson on the connection between landscape and cuisine, an edible and emotional journey through Asturias' orchards, cheese caves, pastures and coastline.

An authentic fine dining experience where you will savour tradition and you will experience innovation at an idyllic place.

After your meal, you will go for a light stroll along one of the innumerable hiking trails that go through fairy-tale forests, a paradise for nature lovers.

A hidden gem, a five-star resort tucked into Asturias' rolling hills will be the perfect place to relax at the end of an unforgettable day full of emotions. Include this experience in your itinerary. Click below, choose your favourite itinerary from our ready-to-book private tours in Northern Spain and we will tailor to your desires. We are experts in customised trips and we will design for you the perfect trip for you and your loved ones.

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