Northern Spain mountains have one of the biggest concentrations of wild deer in Europe across the regions of Asturias and Castilla y León.

Autumn is the best season to watch one of nature's great spectacles: deer rutting. Guided by a local expert you will go for a hike through magical forests to contemplate these stunning mammals in the wild during the most exciting time of the year to watch them.

During the breeding season which occurs from the end of September to November, stags return to the hind's home range and compete for them by engaging in elaborate displays of dominance including roaring, parallel walks and fighting.

For a truly memorable experience you will have the chance to sleep in a shepherd's house isolated in the middle of the forest. The best time to watch the deer is just after dawn and at dusk when they are most active, so the shepherd's house will be the perfect spot so sleep a few hours in between surrounded by nature.

After a full day of emotions for a nature lover why don't you give yourself a treat? You will be welcomed to "Tierra del Agua", a luxury Eco Lodge with a Scandinavian design.

Enjoy a massage by the river, discover the Alpine-style spa, or just relax in your room after a delicious meal at the Lodge's restaurant.

Wildwatching is one of the most satisfying experiences for a nature lover. In Northern Spain mountains not only you can spot deer but also bears and wolves among other animals like wild bore, wild goats, eagles and many more.  Why don't you add a few days in Northern Spain mountains to your itinerary around Spain to discover this natural paradise. We are experts in tailor-made travel so we could modify any of our food & wine tours for you to include this amazing experience. Just click below, choose your favourite itinerary and request a quote with any add-ons you may be interested. 

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