Northern Spain’s back-roads have long been a place for culinary enlightenment. On this trip you will discover two of Spain’s best hidden gems.

El Capricho & Gueyu Mar are places that exist beyond the reach of passing fads and urban excesses (not to mention GPS) – places where the food is as honest as the people serving it. Places you’ll be happy to find guided by a local.

Are you a meat or seafood lover? If you love both, you will enjoy one of the best days of your life with Eat Northern Spain.

Let’s start with the meat: are you ready to enjoy the most intense meat experience of your life in a remote village in the Spanish countryside?

Welcome to Bodega El Capricho, a family-run farm house and grill restaurant acclaimed by the international press like Time, the Guardian, Stern or New York Times, to be the best place in the world to eat the perfect steak.

The film Steak Revolution proclaimed the “Galician Blond” steak from Bodega El Capricho as the best in the world.

El Capricho’s owner José Gordón raises his own oxen from different Iberian native breeds in a piece of land where you can touch these enormous animals with up to seven feet tall, 1.400 kgs and up to 15 years old.

Then the meat is dry-aged in temperature-controlled refrigerators to enhance its flavours up to 180 days.

After a visit to the farm to admire the oxen you will immerse yourself into an unforgettable experience of intense flavours at the restaurant, placed in a cave used hundreds of years ago as a wine cellar. The meat packs deep concentrations of umami and mineral intensity and a rim of dense, yellow fat that tastes like brown sugar.

If seafood is your thing, “Güeyu Mar”, a temple for seafood lovers, is been awarded by Opinionated About Dining as one of the Top 100 Restaurants in Europe because it is a place where world-class seafood and unimpeachable technique conspire to ruin you for all other grilled food going forward.

Hidden in the back roads of Asturias, an evergreen region nestled by the Cantabrian Sea, you will find the best fish and seafood grilled over an open wood fire.

Work your way through the tasting menu, a feast for your senses where you will savour sardines, oysters, lobster, turbot and grouper and its speciality, the big-bellied king fish.

Warning: It will be hard to go back to regular fish or beef after a visit to these temples in Northern Spain during our Luxury Spain Tours. Do you want to enjoy 10 Days in Spain in style? Look no further…

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