Santander, the pearl of the cantabrian sea and the capital of the Cantabria region, is Northern Spain’s most elegant city. Our visit digs below its surface beauty, to unearth a vibrancy and flavour that few visitors get to experience.

Together we will take an early-morning culinary tour of Santander's central farmers’ market where colours and aromas combine to create an intoxicating gastronomic experience. Here you will find only the most succulent fruit and vegetables, freshest seafood, cheeses and meats from local producers. This is slow-food taken to the next level.

santander cantanbrian sea northern spain aerial view
pinchos santander northern spain

After a visit to this lively market, you will enjoy an afternoon of gathering with your friends or family to eat, drink and be merry, a fundamental part of the fabric of social life in Spain. “Pinchos” line every bar in town, but knowing where to find the best ones is an art that needs local knowledge. Without a passionate foodie local with you, you would choose bars at random and pointed to what you would see on the counter, but often the “specials” aren’t on display.

In Santander, Spanish “Tapas” are served in the form of “Pinchos”. Do you know the difference between “Pinchos” & “Tapas”? They are both part of Spanish small food culture and while “Tapas” are small portions of food to share, “Pinchos” are bite-size food masterpieces often served on a slice of bread and have a cocktail stick in them, a delicious Spanish version of finger food.

The cherry on the cake to an unforgettable day in this stunning city is a visit to the cultural exhibition "Botín Centre", an architectural masterpiece overlooking Santander's Bay and the cantabrian sea where you can enjoy spectacular views over the city.

After that we will explore Santander by foot, by boat, or we will just simply relax on an unspoilt beach before retiring to your luxury hotel, that's your choice.

The Grand Hotel Sardinero is located on the beachfront, commanding breath-taking views of Sardinero beach and the cantabrian sea. This chic hotel oozes stylish sophistication, bathing you in opulent, contemporary luxury making it the perfect base from which to explore this stunning city.

Discover this fascinating town and the Cantabria region during any our itineraries in Northern Span. Click below, choose your favourite tour and we will tailor to your needs so you can sit & relax. With Eat Northern Spain you are in good hands.


  1. Hey there, how much would the Santander tour be for two persons and how could we book it?

    Were in santander 13 and 14 August

    Best regards,


    • Eat Northern Spain

      Hi Sebastian,

      Thank you very much for your interest in our services. Unfortunately, we are fully booked for next week and we cannot attend any more bookings.

      If you want to book any of our tours for another date, please go to our Contact Page and drop us an email with your thoughts.

      Enjoy your time in Santander. It’s so beautiful !!!

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