The perks of using a Spain Travel Agency

2020 saw planes grounded, entire regions shut down and hearts broken as summer (and most of the year) was officially cancelled. It was a tough period for all of us and at first glance 2021 seems much the same. But hope is on the horizon. As the vaccine makes its way across the world and some countries begin to ease restrictions, the possibility of travel is once again in our line of sight.

It is no secret that travelling post-Covid will look a little different. Masks will be worn, hands will be sanitized and comprehensive travel insurance will more than likely be purchased. Not forgetting, queues will be shorter and you will finally have that extra space around the sun lounger that you have been dreaming about all these years.

This time however, we should all be taking extra precautions by booking with a Spain Travel Agency.

Self-appointed travel agents

While it was largely predicted that the internet would render the need for a travel agent completely useless, it hasn’t… and for good reason. After a quick google search for ‘holidays in Spain’, you would need to wade through millions of responses, good and bad, before you had any resemblance of a holiday plan in motion. It is costly, both with your time and finances as you will more than likely end up overpaying for a tour you did not really want to go on in the first place.

Besides, we have all been there. You find a wonderful hotel online with a spa and an outdoor swimming pool with a swim-up bar. Then you arrive to find the hotel is a faint resemblance of the photos online. The swimming pool is closed, the bar only serves watered-down house spirits and the food leaves a lot to be desired. It is disappointing and difficult to make the best of your time away when you are wishing you were elsewhere.

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That is where a Spain Travel Agency comes into the picture.

We will find you the best experiences, in the best locations, in a snippet of the time. Travel agents are even more important to high-end travelers. As Forbes states, “it is simply foolish to plan a high-end trip on your own”. And who are we to argue with Forbes?

Planning a trip is hard work

With almost a year of non-stop hurdles, ranging from complete cancellations to numerous rebookings, travel has become more complicated than ever. For one, keeping up with the options is a full-time job (we would know) and although that means more work for us, it also means more incredible experiences are available to you.

Sure, reading about Northern Spain is fun - but planning a trip is hard work, especially when the internet is full of unverified information leaving you unsure on what to believe. We know the region inside and out, looking at everything from the square footage in a hotel room to the number of desserts on offer in a local tapas restaurant. Agencies do not miss a beat, especially when it comes to organizing somebody’s dream holiday. Having a professional assist in planning your trip will not just impact how much you spend, but also how much you enjoy your time away.

Protection is important

Aside from the obvious need to enjoy your holiday, you also need to be protected. A Spain Travel Agency will have your back when you are in need of an advocate. Think of Covid-19, volcanoes erupting, airlines failing or hotels making last minute cancellations. All have the potential to ruin a perfectly wonderful trip, particularly when you are left stranded with no idea of what to do next. With an agency on your side, whether it is a last-minute adjustment, a change of flight path or an accommodation alteration, everything is taken care of.

So why not let a Spain Travel Agency handle your trip from beginning to end? The stress and worry that goes into planning will be immediately eliminated and the only thing you have to take care of is setting an alarm to leave for the airport… I am sure we can even help with that too.

Friends in all the right places

Not to mention, we have connections. From boutique hoteliers to local farmhouse restaurants, we know people in the area who will provide an unforgettable experience for you and your loved ones while you make the most of everything Spain has to offer. Because in the end, it all comes down to who you know. And odds are, we know them.

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It is not just the people you need to know before you depart for the glorious Spanish weather, the current climate has resulted in a number of administrative details that are constantly under review. From visa requirements to Covid testing facilities and passenger health forms that need to be filled out on arrival. These are all the minor details that can add to the stress of planning a holiday, but we are constantly monitoring the situation and are more than happy to handle every single detail.

How to choose a Spain travel agency

We have been in the industry for over a decade, so when it comes to knowing which Spain Travel Agency to choose or what to look for, we can help.

There is a reason we strongly advocate using local travel agencies in Spain versus one located in the United States, Australia or the UK. We are specialists in the destination and we live for local tourism. Local agencies in Spain are not going to disappear once the pandemic is over, we are going to continue to support our local communities in the only way we know how… by bringing wonderful clients here to experience it for themselves.

That brings us to our second piece of advice, look for an agency that is also supporting the local community. You could be supporting small restaurants and family-owned hotels or eating with local food producers that only the local agencies have access to. Having strong roots in the community is a must and authentic experiences could see you go off-the-beaten-track and lower your environmental impact in comparison to the usual tourist routes. One epic tailor-made holiday that is not at the expense of the planet... it’s a win-win situation.

Look for personal touch. When it comes to planning your dream getaway you want to know who you are dealing with. Names, faces and an online presence all add to the validity of a company and the reputation of the individuals behind it. Testimonials speak volumes and seeing how companies engage with their clients online will give you an idea of how trustworthy they are.

When you look up Eat Northern Spain, you can clearly see the meticulous detail that goes into every single one of our itineraries. We are local, we support our communities and personal touch is the very foundation of our business. But Eat Northern Spain is not like every other Spain Travel Agency. We are unique.

Allow us to introduce Eat Northern Spain

As a small, family-run Spain Travel Agency, we only operate 12 tours a year. That means for the rest of the time, we are hand crafting our itineraries specifically to our client’s requirements. And we pour our heart and soul into every single one.

That is what happens when you shop with a small business, you will receive an unparalleled service as going the extra mile is what we do to ensure our clients get the experience they are looking for and so far they have all returned home with a smile on their face.

You can take a look at what our customers say about us on our website or Travelstride. From “we urge everyone who cares about unforgettable vacations to contact Eat Northern Spain'' to “we have travelled extensively around the world and this tour ranks amongst the best we have taken”. The constant array of kind words and wonderful feedback has only given us even more confidence that what we offer is unlike any other.

Our main concept when we began back in 2011 was to provide authentic, exceptional private tours. The main ethos being that they were designed by locals - and delivered by locals. We wanted to support the communities that we visit and share the extraordinary experiences that we know are all around us in Northern Spain.

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Our clients are not tourists. They are travelers. They are on a journey to experience the very best of the region and we are simply there to help them along the way.

Our founder and foodie enthusiast, Elias Gonzalez, was born and raised in Northern Spain. He wanted to share his hometown along with his adoration for the exquisite food and drink on offer here. An experience that would not be available without the knowledge and wisdom of locals like him.

Unlike any other Spain Travel Agency, when you book a trip with Eat Northern Spain, every detail of your itinerary will be handled by Elias from start to finish. The true perk of booking with a small company is that you know the person you are dealing with. No typing requests into a search engine and coming up with ‘we’ll get back to you soon’. Elias is only a phone call away and he will design you a memorable trip in utter luxury that is personalized to perfection. Elias will also be your right-hand man throughout the tour, sharing his personal anecdotes of the area. Because let’s be honest, nothing beats being met by a familiar face at the airport after an international flight.

Eat Northern Spain also has an added layer of protection when compared to other travel agencies. We are a member of the American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA) as a Verified Travel Advisor, Offshore Member of the Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) and Premium Member of the World Food Travel Association. These memberships cannot be bought. They are earned through providing exceptional service and unbeatable knowledge to clients around the world.

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2020 had a massive impact on the travel industry and we will continue to see the repercussions for many years to come, which has understandably made people slightly more cautious when considering international travel. But there are always additional precautions you can take when deciding to take the plunge and book your first post-pandemic holiday. The most important one being to always ask the professionals. When 2020 left our clients with no alternative other than having to cancel their trips to Northern Spain, their deposits were fully refunded within 24 hours. There were no discussions, no questions and no proof necessary. When you are dealing directly with a Spain Travel Agency, there is no middle man, which means any problems that arise will be dealt with by us personally.

That is the difference between a search engine and a Spain Travel Agency. We listen carefully, make suggestions and adjust accordingly as we understand your requirements. We are alongside you before you depart, during your trip and long after you return home.

Besides, we have all spent the last year making our own dinner when the restaurants were no longer open, cutting our own hair when the saloons shut and home-educating our children when the schools closed their doors. It is about time we allow the professionals to take over again.

Get in touch to find out more about why we are Spain’s best travel agency or to explore our collection of authentic experiences in Northern Spain.

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