Google Spain Tour Packages from USA and you will be presented with millions of websites selling you a holiday. Some may be good, some will be downright awful, but most will encompass group tours that visit the hotspots of the region.

At Eat Northern Spain, we have eight packages to choose from, all of which can be personalised to you. This bespoke service includes more than just a holiday. From private departures to unique experiences tailor-made to suit your interests - everything will be taken care of.

Spain Tour Packages from USA can embark without a coach load of tourists for you to follow around each city. Imagine being collected each day by a private chauffeur in a Mercedes-Benz V-Class and a local tour guide on hand to show you the real, authentic Spain.

Drive down the Spanish back roads and seek out authentic experiences, from family-run restaurants to local boutique hotels - immersing yourself into the community will feel like second nature on this tour. Because with Eat Northern Spain, you are more than just a tourist.

Accommodation is hand selected from the best and most luxurious boutique hotels in Northern Spain, along with the most exquisite food and wine in the entire region. All the tours are exclusive, which means only you get to choose who shares the Mercedes with you.

What is included?

Private tours are available all-year-round and include absolutely everything you could possibly want or need. Plus a few extras thrown on top.

Included in the price of your tour: all hotel accommodation; daily breakfast at each hotel; all Michelin-starred, signature and traditional restaurants with drinks included; all transfers in an extremely comfortable Mercedes Class E, V or luxury minibus depending on the size of your group; an English speaking guide for the whole trip; all the authentic once-in-a-lifetime experiences listed in the itinerary; and 24h concierge service for the entirety of your vacation.

The only thing you need to arrange is your international flight and medical insurance. Plus some spending money in case you see something that you would like to take home with you.

On this tour, you can expect lots of time to enjoy yourself and plenty of delicious food and wine.

Allow us to take you on a virtual tour and introduce you to our eight different Spain Tour Packages from USA. All of which can be personalised and tailor-made to you.

Authentic Foodie Tour

Our ultimate authentic foodie tour could see you spending 14 days eating your way through Northern Spain. Spain Tour Packages from USA don’t come more delicious than this. Fly to Bilbao Airport and explore your way across Northern Spain to Santiago de Compostela’s Airport where you will catch your departing flight.

san sebastian getaria private tour

And along the way: guided walking tours of Santander, Santillana del Mar and Gaztelugatxe, a beautiful islet that is home to Dragonstone from Game of Thrones; a panoramic drive up to Covadonga Lakes; a cider bar crawl alongside some delicious local tapas; a pilgrimage to one of the leading food meccas in the world, San Sebastian; a visit to Marques de Riscal, a stunning winery, followed by a guided tasting; an afternoon with a family-run cheesemaker in the mountains; evenings spent in Spain’s most exclusive and luxurious hotels; as well as farmers’ markets, Gothic Cathedrals, fishing ports and an unforgettable evening in Pamplona, where the ‘Running of the Bulls’ (Spain’s most popular festival) came to life.

This Authentic Foodie Tour will see you experience so many beautiful moments, especially while stopping at some of the best restaurants and greatest wineries the world has ever known.

The Ultimate Food and Wine Tour

Taking you in a slightly different direction, our Ultimate Food and Wine Tour will see you spending 10 days travelling from Madrid to San Sebastian on one epic adventure. As always with our tours at Eat Northern Spain, only the very best food and wine will be on the menu and we cannot wait for you to start sampling.

Enjoy what has been christened by many as the best steak in the world - nestled in the back roads of Northern Spain on a family-run farm - where you can learn all about how the oxen are raised before tasting them for yourself. Take a trip to a traditional ‘asador’ to savour the mouth-watering lamb that has been slow cooked over an open fire and taste the delicious ‘Jamón Ibérico’ hand carved by a professional because we don’t settle for anything less than perfect here. Savour the taste of delicious, local cuisine from traditional restaurants and uncover all the tips and tricks to making one-of-a-kind wines in Ribera del Duero - Spain’s world-famous wine region.

Marvel at the beauty of a 12th century medieval abbey, recently renovated into a five-star lavish hotel, that will be your home for an evening, admire some of the country’s most beautiful cathedrals and relax in utter luxury at a waterfront castle situated a short walk from the beach.

San Sebastian welcome

The Ultimate Food and Wine Tour is perfect for those seeking an authentic experience in Northern Spain, sampling the very best cuisine available without having to travel as far west as the Authentic Foodie Tour.

Eight days of culinary mastery

Spain Tour Packages from USA for those with less time on the clock. This eight day pit stop tour through Northern Spain will see you travelling from Madrid to San Sebastian on one unforgettable vacation.

Join specialist dogs as they hunt for black truffles in Spain’s picturesque countryside before sampling your find in locally made dishes, be overwhelmed by the intense flavour of roasted lamb slow-cooked on an open-fire, soak up the atmosphere at a popular Laguardia restaurant and try the traditional Basque entrees as you befriend the locals while exploring the restaurants in the area - a ‘must do’ on all our culinary tours.

Alongside exploring the tantalizing culinary scene in Northern Spain, you will enjoy exclusive access to a handful of the finest (and oldest) wineries in the region. Visit two famous wine regions, Rioja and Ribera del Duero, and take a 4x4 guided tour through the stunning vineyards before a tasting session.

traditional basque steakhouse
bilbao basque country Guggenheim museum

Beyond the culinary delights, there will be a number of authentic cultural experiences at your fingertips, notably a trip to the most famous museum in Spain, Guggenheim Bilbao. Showcasing a collection of modern and contemporary art by Spanish and international artists, the building has been hailed a monument to modernism due to its unique design. Designed by Canadian-American architect, Frank Gehry, the museum is situated alongside the Nervion River, which runs through the city.

Enjoy eight days of culinary mastery and after each day of adventures, spend your evening winding down in the most authentic, boutique hotels in Spain - some spilling with history and all oozing luxury.

Camino de Santiago Luxury Tour

This 14 day tour will see you exploring all the highlights from the moment you arrive at Bilbao Airport to when you depart from Santiago’s Airport. From meeting the oxen reared on a family-run farm to be the best steak in the world to wandering through the vineyards that birth Spain’s world-famous wines.

Santaigo de Compostela Luxury Tour

Northern Spain’s culinary gems are included in all our tours and this one is no exception. Expect a traditional pintxos bar crawl, a local farmers’ market in San Sebastian, authentic ‘Jamón Ibérico’ carved by a professional and a number of guided wine tasting sessions in some of the most beautiful wineries Spain has to offer.

Aside from sampling copious amounts of delicious cuisine: marvel at the most beautiful cathedrals in the world; hop aboard a boat trip along the magical river; wander the streets of Pamplona behind the ‘Running of the Bulls’ as the festival heads up to the Bullfighting Arena; and join the pilgrims for a scenic 5 mile/8km walk on their journey through ‘The Camino’.

Nights along the Camino de Santiago Luxury Tour will be spent sleeping in fairy-tale palaces, monasteries dating back to the 7th century and castles that bring alive an era of wizards, jugglers and archers.

Camino de Santiago in 8 days

This eight day tour from Madrid to Santiago de Compostela includes many of the highlights from the Camino de Santiago Luxury Tour but for those with less time to spare.

Spain Tour Packages from USA come in various shapes and sizes. This tour includes all our favourite culinary highlights: sampling the best steak in the world, authentic ‘Jamón Ibérico’ and lots of delicious flavours from local restaurants.

Indulge yourself on a luxury boat trip along the river Miño, explore the Burgos UNESCO World Heritage Site and take a tour of the cathedrals in León, Burgos and Santiago.

episcopal palace astorga
el camino pilgrims

Aside from the authentic, culturally experiences and extraordinary gastronomy, this eight day tour will see you sleeping like royalty in a collection of handpicked luxury hotels and there will be plenty of time for relaxation and maybe a little shopping.

Spain tour packages from USA can take you even further than Northern Spain. Why not add an extra country onto your trip and explore all that Portugal has to offer too?

Spain and Portugal

Two incredible European countries in one unforgettable trip. Fly direct from the US to Madrid and begin your journey to Libson. All our tours of both Spain and Portugal kick off with a scenic drive through the vineyards of Rioja and it only gets better from there.

Brush shoulders with the locals while sampling Spanish tapas and Portuguese petiscos, watch the sunrise over San Sebastian before heading to the local farmers’ market and grab a drink at the best bars in town - the ones that only the locals know about.


Take an escorted tour of Lisbon’s oldest district, visit the Guggenheim Museum (a hotspot for international travellers), enjoy the panoramic views as you drive up to Covadonga Lakes and embrace the beauty of Spain’s first National Park.

Spend your downtime in the most unique and luxurious hotels Spain and Portugal have to offer, from a five-star hotel by the sea to major landmarks that usually host the famous.

There is only one way to end a magical two week tour of Spain and Portugal, with a farewell dinner at one of Lisbon’s most luxurious restaurants.

The Douro River

Spain Tour Packages from USA that see you cruising down the Douro River in a private luxury boat. Now that sounds like a tour we can get on board with. Spend 10 days travelling from Madrid to Porto and go off-the-beaten-track with your chauffeur to discover authentic local experiences.

Breathtaking vistas, illuminated monuments and UNESCO World Heritage sites are all on the agenda. The beauty of Europe’s largest wine region, the Douro Valley, will amaze you. So will crossing two dams with more than 30 metres difference in water level. But we like to amaze on this tour.


As always, our number one priority is choosing world-class food and wines to dazzle all our travellers. Imagine artisan cheesemakers, show cookings, caves filled with 100-year-old Port, organic farms and learning how to cook (and taste) Portuguese specialties. The gastronomic wonder will cease to amaze you as you spend your time eating and drinking the very best that these two countries have to offer.

You might not think there is any way we could make our Douro River Tour even better, but we have. Included in your trip are bookings at world-class, luxury, boutique hotels handpicked just for you.

The Douro Valley

Similar to the Douro River tour, this slightly shorter adventure will see you out on the river in a private luxury vessel as you travel from Madrid to Porto.

Allow us to spoil you with scenic drives along the Douro River, unique activities tailored to your interests and a delicious picnic full of local delicacies to be enjoyed alongside breathtaking views. Experience crossing a dam with more than 30 metres difference in water level, visit the incredible 18th century Mateus Palace and its picturesque gardens and explore Porto’s lively downtown scene.

It would not be an Eat Northern Spain tour without an abundance of delicious, locally sourced food and wine. From scrumptious home-made dinners and private show cookings of Portuguese specialities to private tours of stunning vineyards followed by guided tasting sessions.


Every evening of the Douro Valley Tour will end with a glass of wine at the very best hotels. From traditional Portugue Quintas to luxury hideaways nestled between the vineyards.

All our Spain Tour Packages from USA are tailor-made to suit your own personal interests and the needs of your group. To find out more about our authentic culinary tours and unique experiences, get in touch.

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